Men in motion boston ma

Men in motion boston ma

Men in motion male strip club revue – boston ma. new

Ladies Male Strip Clubs: We are the #1 source for upscale adult entertainment for women, just like in the movie Magic Mike XXL. Sexy waiters, exotic performers, male dancers for hire, models, and hunks for any occasion are all available through our guys. Our monthly male revues began in New England/Boston and now cover the United States from coast to coast and to the tip of Florida. Our years of experience, thousands of shows, and unique event planning skills support every member of our audience. Exotic Male Entertainment
The Comic Strip Show: Each success is a completely interactive experience, so you don’t just sit and watch. Expertly planned, choreographed, and produced with one purpose in mind: to ensure that you have the best girls’ night out possible. Don’t miss your chance to get up close and personal with one of these Hunky Male Dancers if you’ve never seen a male stripper dance before!
Make a Game Plan for Your Girls’ Night Out: Find out when the next male revue showtime or strip show appearance is scheduled near you by visiting our “Tickets & Showtimes” page. There is a list of every date, time, and address. To purchase tickets, click the “Order Now” button and get ready for a sexy delight! Boston Massachusetts Male Strippers Revue

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We went to Boston’s Guilt Nightclub to see Men in Motion, a male revue similar to the one seen in Magic Mike (which, in my view, was a messed up film). It got a little too personal at times).
Anyway, I’m not a big fan of strip joints. At my sister-in-bachelorette law’s party, I had my first and only encounter with a strip club. We ended up at The Palace in Saugus, which used to be the Bahama Beach Club (an 18-under club where I was stalked to the point of having to hide in the ladies room when I was 16). Male Encounter was the name of the strip club. It was also disgusting. Because, well, Saugus.
I was inebriated, but I recall seeing dudes dancing on tables in neon green banana hammocks, and they were FUCKING HAIRY. Owing to the oil and sweat, their hair was matted up on their buttocks. It was revolting, smelled bad, and left a lasting impression on me.
Many of the guys did, in reality, look like they belonged on Jersey Shore. Sure, while the majority of the girls were screaming “WOO!!!,” I was laughing my head off in the corner at the absurdity of it all. But it was a far cry from your typical strip club experience. It was made enjoyable by the men. And I had to admire some of the dance moves they used in their performances.

Male strip club boston, ma guilt strip club with men in motion

2MMEtaN (http://bit.ly/2MMEtaN) (http://bit.ly/2MMEt The Men in Motion perform Magic Mike-style moves at Boston’s Guilt Nightclub. This talented troupe of hard-bodied dancers is ready to heat things up with pulsating music, swiveling hips, and seductive theatrics, designed to spark your fantasies and feed your desires. This show is specially planned to provide you with the ideal girls’ night out, whether it’s a wedding, bachelorette, breakup party — or no occasion at all. With VIP seats, you’ll be seated closer to the action.

Male strip club boston, ma | guilt nightclub with men in

The Male Encounter Show’s History

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The longest-running production of Men in Motion in the Boston area.

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The Male Encounter and the Men in Motion were rivals for a long time. Today, they’ve teamed up to provide entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights. The Male Encounter show is steeped in history and tradition, and it provides ladies with one of the most thrilling and well-received adult entertainment experiences in the world.
The most beautiful men perform in this sexy male revue show, which is a fun-loving journey through the worlds of fashion, music, dance, and comedy. Each success in this world-class male revue features a wide range of magic and variety. The dancers are selected for their skill, enthusiasm, and willingness to perform.
The newest version of Male Encounter, the sexiest and most sensuous revue ever to grace a Boston stage, is now on stage. These sexy dancers dress up as everything from a firefighter to a naughty plumber and put on a sultry, steamy show all night. This is not for the faint of spirit!