Match the lines from the canterbury tales to the characters they describe.

Match the lines from the canterbury tales to the characters they describe.

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Another ostensibly religious figure who is really a hypocrite is the Summoner. People were summoned to the ecclesiastical court to confess their sins in medieval society. He has a revolting skin condition that causes pimples and scaliness on his face. His outward demeanor belies his inner corruption: he is eager to be bribed in return for a complete pardon.
The following quotes from The Canterbury Tales are either spoken by The Summoner or refer to The Summoner. You will see other characters and themes associated with each quote (each theme is indicated by its own dot and symbol, such as this one:

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Bath’s Wife is a fictional character (Alisoun) Gat-toothed, deaf, and wearing bright scarlet red stockings, they are described as She’s married five times (the last half her age), loves her independence, and is proudly sensual.
The Summoner is a person who summons other people. A church officer who summons people to a church hearing. He is as unsightly as his profession; his red complexion, pimples and boils, and scale-infested skin terrify children.
The Prioress (Madame Eglantine) is a genteel lady with a delicate demeanor. She has impeccable manners, eats like an aristocrat, and wears a gold brooch with the Latin inscription “Love conquers all.”
The Reverend A religious man who is poor but holy and virtuous and tells a moral tale. He donates his meager earnings to his needy parishioners and strives to live a perfect life and set an example for others.
Emilie (The Knight’s Tale) is Theseus’ lovely sister-in-law, who unwittingly attracts the attention of two imprisoned knights, Arcite and Palamon, and thus serves as the plot’s driving force.

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Depending on how many people are asking, social status may have a variety of meanings. Some may argue that it is simply a system for categorizing individuals based on their financial situation, while others may argue that it is simply a compilation of titles based on social status. A social class is a large category of people in society who share similar economic, cultural, or political circumstances (Dictionary.com, 2018). Social groups were very simple and distinct in the Middle Ages, which is when “The Canterbury Tales” was set. The goal is to figure out which character belongs to which social class in the feudalism system. The entire Feudalism system is made up of four classes. Royalty is the richest and most respected social class, led by nobles. Clothing made of fine fabrics in bright colors and fancy food coated in seasonings that were devoured by the wealthy and served by the poor were two items that both royalty and nobles had in common (The Middle Ages, 2018).

Match the lines from the canterbury tales to the characters they describe. 2020

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