Massachusetts state police internships

Massachusetts state police internships

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PURPOSE: The student can gain an understanding of the inner workings of basic investigative procedures for major crimes reported to the police department. Murder, kidnapping, breaking and entering, and theft are among the main crimes.
INTENT: Over the course of a semester, the student can gain practical experience by working alongside officers from the initial call to the final disposition of the case. The student will not have access to restricted information due to criminal records restrictions and public records rules, but will be able to view general overviews of individual cases.
GENERAL OVERVIEW: The aim of this program is to give students as much insight to the various departments that work together in the criminal justice system as possible. The student can observe the dispatch process, go on a patrol officer ride-along, and visit the Barnstable County Crime Labs. The student would also work with detectives from the local police department as well as State Police CPAC units. Following the program, a brief tour of the Barnstable House of Correction will be provided, which will include details on the bracelet program.

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My internship at High Point Treatment Center gave me skills that I could use in my career and helped me develop as a person. It encouraged me to put what I’d learned in class into practice in the real world.
In addition to internships, students can participate in community-based learning (CBL) courses or a practicum to learn and work in the field. These courses, which are offered in sociology, criminology, and anthropology, bring students into the community through meetings with different organizations, mentoring, research, volunteering, and other collaborative activities.
The Sociology & Criminology Department’s practicum program combines conventional learning methods with multiple hours a week of community-based learning in the field, typically employed in a social care or criminal justice organization.

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Internships are eligible for both academic and non-credit purposes. Our students typically intern at state and local government agencies, courthouses, law firms, police forces, human service agencies, and nonprofit organizations. The Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, as well as the Career Development Center, will assist you in finding an internship.
The Center for Women’s Health and Human Rights is also housed in the department, and it performs critical studies, affects the curriculum, and offers opportunities for students to collaborate and assist faculty with research.
Sociology and/or criminal justice majors are excellent training for “helping” careers in human services, government, law enforcement, and nonprofit organizations. The major also prepares students well for graduate work in social work, law, criminology, and other fields.

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The Massachusetts State Police was founded in 1865 and is the country’s oldest statewide law enforcement agency. Today, we have 2,300 sworn officers and 400 civilian personnel dedicated to serving the citizens of the Commonwealth. The Massachusetts State Police, as the Commonwealth’s primary law enforcement agency, is committed to providing high-quality policing aimed at making roads safer and combating crime through investigations, education, and patrol services, as well as providing leadership and support during natural disasters, civil disturbances, and critical incidents.
“I got a better understanding of what it takes to be a police officer.” I had a great time peeking behind the scenes of one of the country’s most experienced police forces. Working the bomb and arson detail at Gillette Stadium and meeting so many awesome Officers, Sergeants, and Lieutenants was my favorite part of the experience. I learned about the safety precautions that are taken at a major event, such as a football game, and I met Tom Brady!”