Massachusetts high school graduation requirements

Massachusetts high school graduation requirements

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The standards for graduation from high school in the United States differ widely from state to state, and sometimes even from town to town. The Education Commission of the States (ECS) keeps track of all 50 states’ Standard High School Graduation standards, which was first compiled in 2007 and is revised on a regular basis as state requirements change. According to the ECS report, most states do not have a foreign language requirement for high school graduation, with a few notable exceptions. New York and New Jersey, for example, both require one year of foreign language study; the District of Columbia and Michigan, on the other hand, both require two years of world language study.
Based on student achievement on many different standardized tests widely used in the US, Massachusetts’ public school system is often regarded as one of the best in the country. Many international assessments have found Massachusetts public school students to be successful. Some of the recent results are highlighted on the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Leading the Nation website, including being ranked first in the United States in reading and math on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) test and (tied for) first in the world in reading on the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). The success of the Massachusetts system is also illustrated in a recent Atlantic magazine article (“What Are Massachusetts Public Schools Doing Right?”). Despite the fact that there are no minimum high school graduation standards in Massachusetts, other than completing three separate Grade 10 standardized tests in English Language Arts, Math, and Science, the state achieves this high success. Massachusetts state legislation also mandates the teaching of “American history and civics” and “physical education.” All other curriculum choices and graduation standards are taken at the local level, resulting in a wide variety of offerings and requirements across the state’s high schools.

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Under a bill signed into law by Gov. Charlie Baker on Friday, MCAS assessment standards for the academic year will be suspended, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education will change or waive graduation requirements for students who will graduate high school this summer, and due dates for district development plans will be pushed back.

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Baker signed the bill the day after it was submitted to him by the Legislature, placing immediate reforms in place in school districts that have been closed by executive order since March 15.

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“Canceling MCAS testing for the remainder of this school year will enable our teachers and students to concentrate on learning and personal well-being while we navigate the current public health emergency,” said Sen. Jason Lewis, co-chair of the Legislature’s Education Committee, in a statement after the branches agreed to the bill Thursday. “From students, parents, and superintendents, lawmakers learned loud and clear that this was the best thing to do.” Due to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the new legislation mandates Education Commissioner Jeff Riley to eliminate the annual requirement for a standardized test in public schools. The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education will also be given instructions to change or waive the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System competency requirements that are normally needed for obtaining a high school diploma.

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Each instructor has formatted their Weekly Summary in the most appropriate way for their class. The aim of this hub is to provide you with a weekly schedule and summary of what your child is going through. Every Wednesday, these documents are revised. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions.
Only credits that appear on a BHS transcript can be used to fulfill graduation requirements.
To be eligible for a high school diploma, all students must take and pass the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) exams in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science.
Admission to Advanced Placement and Honors Level courses is focused on grades and/or test results that show demonstrated achievement and skill. This decision is also strongly affected by instructor feedback.
As the final activity in Advanced Placement classes, all students are expected to take the AP exams. Students who choose not to take AP tests in such courses will have “honors” level designations on their permanent records/transcripts, not AP designations.

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Citizens for Public Schools is a group of people who support public schools.

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Students in Special Education are disproportionately affected by the MCAS graduation criteria.
The Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) graduation criteria has had a disproportionately negative effect on special education students, and this disparity has grown significantly since 2003, when Massachusetts withheld diplomas from high school seniors who did not meet MCAS-related specifications.
For students with disabilities, the situation is somewhat different. Since the introduction of high stakes tests in Massachusetts, the number of high school seniors in special education who have not met the MCAS graduation standards has risen by 6.6 percent. In 2003, 1,969 special education high school seniors failed the MCAS, and by 2011, that figure had risen to 2,108.