Massachusetts determination of need pending projects

Massachusetts determination of need pending projects

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Matching funds are available through the Capital Grants program to help with the acquisition, final-stage design, building, repair, reconstruction, restoration, or other capital improvements or deferred maintenance of cultural facilities in Massachusetts. The aim of this program is to encourage the creation of cultural facilities that are well-planned and built, contribute to the cultural and economic lives of their populations, have a transformative effect on the region, and are backed by substantial private-sector matching contributions.
As part of the Grant Agreement, all entities receiving grants under this program must certify that the project for which the grant is being made complies with, or will comply with, the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
The Cultural Facilities Fund law specifies five threshold evaluation requirements for all grants, as illustrated in previous sections. To be eligible for a Cultural Facilities Fund Grant, all projects must show that they meet these legislative requirements.

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A worker whose job ends or whose salaries are reduced to the point that UI is available can file a claim with DUA as soon as possible to capture all earnings during the claim’s base period (See Question 7).

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In general, the longer a worker files for unemployment compensation, the more likely she is to receive a decreased amount of benefits. As a result, applying within the first week of complete or partial unemployment is recommended. (Refer to Question 9) The “effective claim day,” which is the Sunday of the calendar week in which the claim is filed, marks the start of the claim. UI will not be charged for any week prior to the effective date of a claim, with a few exceptions (see Question 5).
Workers may use the website to file a new claim, reopen an existing claim, continue to certify for UI benefits, verify claim/payment status, update personal details, file a waiver of overpayment, file an appeal, predict potential benefits, and more. Unemployment Insurance (UI) Web Services can be found at https://www.mass.gov/unemployment-insurance-ui-online. The website is open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day. Claimants who previously used WebCert or TeleCert can use UI Online Services by setting up a new password for UI Online Services using their mother’s maiden name.

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The Department of Public Health (“DPH”) introduced changes to the Determination of Need (“DoN”) regulations on August 23, 2016, with the aim of replacing antiquated, confusing, and complicated provisions, as well as simplifying and enhancing the way projects are checked. Significant increases in service and capital spending that surpass the relevant dollar limits still require DoN approval. The following are some of the most important changes brought on by the new rules:

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The Massachusetts General Hospital collaborates with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, which it reports to (DPH). Health Care Facilities, as described in M.G.L. c 111, 25B, are governed by the Determination of Need law and regulation. Proposals for a Substantial Capital Expenditure, Substantial Change of Services, and Original Licensure, as well as certain Transfers of Ownership and Changes in Site for Health Care Facilities, must be checked and authorized under Massachusetts law M.G.L. c. 111, 25C and 51. The DoN program’s purpose and goal is to promote population health, encourage competition with a public health focus, support the development of innovative health delivery methods and population health strategies within the health care delivery system, and ensure that resources are made reasonably and equitably available to all in the Commonwealth at the lowest possible cost. When capital improvement programs are designed for health care facilities, health care organizations must file a Determination of Need (DoN) application with DPH. The state’s Public Health Council must approve new capital improvement programs (new building and purchases), and 5% of costs must go to community health. The Department of Public Health has established standards and provided guidelines for the distribution and monitoring of these funds.