Marcy jones fox 10

Marcy jones fox 10

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Marcy Jones is an anchor, news correspondent, and television journalist in the United States. She is one of Fox 10’s most well-known news anchors, having reported on a number of breaking news reports and headlines as well as anchoring several news segments.
Marcy had spent the majority of her life in Connecticut, despite being born and raised in San Francisco, California. She used to try to use a microphone as a personal comb because she was so determined to have a career in television since she was a teenager. Text should not be copied.
Marcy is of medium height and weighs in at a good weight. If her pictures, taken in relation to her surroundings, are any indication, she is very tall. However, details about her precise height and other body measurements are currently unavailable. We’re keeping an eye on things and will update this post as more information becomes available.
Marcy was born and raised in the United States, but we were unable to learn much about her family because very little knowledge is publicly accessible. As a result, Marcy’s parents’ identities are unknown. At this time, it’s all uncertain. This data will be revised as soon as possible.

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FOX 10 Xtra (KUTP) is a Phoenix-based station that is affiliated with MyNetworkTV and operated by Fox Television Stations, which is a Fox Corporation subsidiary. It has a duopoly at Ch 10 with KSAZ-TV. The studio space on West Adams Street in Downtown Phoenix is shared by the two women. South Mountain is where the transmitter is located. The service’s broadcasts were distributed throughout northern Arizona by a chain of six translators. The service is available on cable via Cox Communications.
Under the ownership of Chris-Craft Industries, a subsidiary of United Television, KUTP received its original construction permit on December 20, 1984, and debuted on December 23, 1985. It was originally built on Phoenix’s South 33rd Street. Initially, the channel aired general entertainment programming such as classic films, sitcoms, westerns, cartoons, game shows, and drama series. After broadcasting for more than ten months, the station obtained its first license on November 17, 1986. Chris-Craft Industries’ first station was designed and launched. From January 1993 to January 1995, it was affiliated with Prime Time Entertainment Network. United Paramount Network was established in 1994 by Paramount Pictures and United Television and became the first English language station to be affiliated with a commercial broadcast network on January 16, 1995. In the year 2000, Viacom purchased 50% of Chris-interest Craft’s in UPN. On August 12, 2000, the station was sold to News Corporation for USD 5.5 billion, establishing a Fox-owned duopoly in the Phoenix market, which was completed on July 31, 2001. Following the conclusion of the contract, the sisters’ operations were consolidated under one roof on West Adams Street.