Manning high school jamaica

Manning high school jamaica

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Manning’s School, an iconic landmark in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland, for nearly 300 years, is currently attracting negative attention from some of its well-wishers, who are dissatisfied with the school’s once-pristine entrance, which is now in desperate need of maintenance.
One concerned citizen recently told The Gleaner that the school’s dilapidated entrance does not do justice to the institution’s historical significance, which was established in 1738 with funds left by Westmoreland planter Thomas Manning.
“This is a landmark structure that needs to be repaired. It is Jamaica’s most historic school front,” said the person, who hopes that bringing the issue to the public’s attention would result in the desired results.
Although the situation at the institution’s entrance cannot be overlooked, Westmoreland’s custos, Father Hartley Perrin, who was recently invited to sit on the school’s current board of governors, said the greater concern is the original school house, which is buckling under the weight of age.

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The history of the Manning’s School dates back to 1711, when Thomas Manning, a Westmoreland planter, bequeathed a gift of land for the establishment of a free school in the parish of Westmoreland.
It’s worth noting that the school was built on the current site near Savanna-la-mar rather than on the lands left by Manning at Burnt Savannah Pen near the George’s Plain’s northern end.
The School was reorganized into a Modern Grammar School as the twentieth century progressed. The Thomas Manning Building, named after the School’s founder, is the oldest surviving part of the School, dating from the early twentieth century. It is the most impressive structure on the entire School grounds, and it is now used as a library and classrooms.
The Thomas Manning Building is a charming structure with the majority of its structure made of wood and resting on a masonry plinth. The building’s elevation is completely symmetrical, as is typical of Georgian architecture. The Architect, on the other hand, has incorporated many features to make it suitable for use in the tropics. Deep verandas have been built on all sides of the building to provide shade. A cupola with fixed jalousies provides relief for any warm air trapped in the roof, and a vented steep gable roof expels hot air. The combination of features has resulted in a fine example of colonial architecture.

Manning high school graduation 2020

His Excellency the Governor-General, During a ceremony held at King’s House in St. Andrew on April 7, Hon. Sir Patrick Allen (centre), Chief Justice Bryan Sykes (fifth left), and President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Patrick Brooks (fifth right), share a moment with members of the judiciary who were sworn into higher office. Carla Thomas, Cresencia Brown Beckford, Evon Brown, Marsha Dunbar Green, Tania Mott Tulloch-Reid, Sandria Wong Small, Ann-Marie Lawrence Grainger, and Heather Carnegie are the members (from left).
Geri-Ann Miller, a high achiever, has made her school and family proud by achieving 13 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) subjects in the 2019 Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) Examination, including 12 Grade Ones.
The top student at Manning’s School, a 17-year-old from Savanna-la-Mar in the parish, earned a perfect score in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, English A, Human and Social Biology, Information Technology, Integrated Science, Spanish, Geography, and Business Principles.

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