Managerial accounting online course community college

Managerial accounting online course community college

Ba 211 chapter 1-2: “accounting transactions”

Practical accounting processes for retail stores, professionals in businesses, and people in personal service occupations are presented. The accounting period, journals, ledgers, financial statement and payroll planning, and checking account management are all covered.
Introduces the fundamentals of accounting in the context of financial reporting. Demonstrates how accounting knowledge is used by decision makers for reporting purposes. This course focuses on the processing of accounting data and its application in business operations, as well as accounting data analysis and interpretation methods.
Incorporates cost and managerial accounting concepts into the course. The application of accounting information to product costing, as well as its use within the company to provide guidance and judge results, is the focus of this course.
Introduces the use of a computer to solve accounting issues. The emphasis is on machine activity. The accounting period and financial statement preparation in a computerized framework, as well as other financial and managerial accounting applications, are presented.

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To keep financial reports up to date, compute, identify, and record numerical data. To acquire primary financial data for use in maintaining accounting records, perform any combination of routine measuring, posting, and checking duties. Can also double-check the accuracy of statistics, calculations, and postings related to business transactions made by others.
For jobs as a bookkeeper, accounting clerk, or auditing clerk, learn about company, information systems, managerial accounting, Microsoft Access, and QuickBooks. In addition to program-specific classes, all graduation standards must be met.
Learn about personal taxes, managerial accounting, industry, and personal finance, and prepare for a career as a bookkeeper or accounting clerk. In addition to program-specific classes, all graduation standards must be met.
Learn about personal and company taxes, tax return planning, managerial accounting, and personal finance to prepare for careers as an accountant or auditor. In addition to program-specific classes, all graduation standards must be met.

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Prepare for a career in managerial accounting that is in high demand, as well as the Institute of Managerial Accountants’ (IMA) Certified Managerial Accountant (CMA) test. The Bachelor of Science in Managerial Accounting focuses on the practical skills and expertise that the Institute of Management Accountants has described as critical to the profession. The learning results and coursework are directly compatible with the CMA qualification examination’s practical knowledge and academic criteria. Graduates will be well qualified to work in this exciting and rapidly expanding sector, with the expertise and skills to make critical institutional decisions based on sound financial principles.
Managerial accounting is a branch of accounting dedicated to assisting internal administrators with decision-making and goal-setting. Managerial accountants are specialists at assessing an organization’s operational metrics and translating the data into actionable knowledge for management. Cost accounting and management accounting are other terms for managerial accounting.

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This course is intended to include a non-theoretical, hands-on approach to accounting, with a focus on accounting for small businesses, including the basic bookkeeping period, petty cash, bank reconciliations, and payroll accounting. Option to Pass/Fail Accounting Fundamentals (ACCT 60) QuickBooks is a software program that allows you 4 units of instruction: lecture 4 units; 0 units in the lab
This course is for students who have previous accounting experience. The steps in the accounting process for a service and merchandising company are covered in this course. Students can learn how to handle receivables, payables, and simple payroll transactions by using the QuickBooks computerized accounting software kit. Option to Pass/Fail