Male to female stories

Male to female stories

Tg transformation stories (3rd august 2020) male to female

A husband who takes on the body of his wife. A woman who takes on the body of her boyfriend’s secret sister. A boss who switches bodies with his employee’s college-aged daughter, as well as his mistress, who becomes the employee’s wife. A guy switches bodies with his ex and learns that his old body has been feminized by her.
This 11,000+ word series includes standalone stories set during the Global Switch that include body swaps, gender transitions, feminization, and graphic erotic scenes, and is available on Smashwords, Amazon, or anywhere ebooks are sold.
As George bent forward to pick up his desk phone, the leather office chair creaked. His finely manicured hand’s deep red fingernail polish glinted in the sun as he pressed the button for his assistant.
George didn’t miss many aspects of his former body: the liver spots, the extra pounds, and the hair that grew everywhere but on his head. He did, however, miss his old speech. Heather’s voice lacked the gravitas it possessed. He was attempting to tone down the timbre of his girly accent, but he still came off as just too upbeat.

Tg transformation stories (6th january 2021) male to female

My once beautiful daughter is now nineteen, homeless, bearded, poor, sterilized, not receiving mental health care, severely mentally ill, and planning a radial forearm phalloplasty (a surgical procedure that removes part of her arm to construct a fake penis).
My heart is ripped to shreds.. some of you might have seen her poc’s from my Facebook memories.. she was only one year ago, coming back after a year long fight.. sorry for the typo’s, I can’t see through my tears. I’ll regroup because the battle for my baby isn’t over yet. I just need to take a break!
Many of the kids at the new school had formed cliques and were closed to her, but there was one group that was eager to accept newcomers: the QSA students. I was thankful that they were accepting to Liv because they were sweet, smart kids who were all a little eccentric, but I found that they all seemed to have developed these micro-identities. One girl, for example, described herself as a demi-boy aromantic. They all seemed preoccupied with their appearance and identification. Liv cut her hair and dyed it pink shortly after becoming friends with them. At this point, I regarded this as typical adolescent exploration. I was concerned about her and her friends’ preoccupation with these topics.

Tg transformation stories (2nd september 2020) male to

Each year, an increasing number of people come out as transgender.

Reacting to my mtf transition timeline | male to female

In reality, according to a Williams Institute report from 2016, 0.6 percent of adults in the United States identified as trans, while GLAAD found that 3% of the population was transgender in 2017.

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More people are coming forward with their inspiring coming out stories as the population grows. Others announced their sexual orientation in public letters and YouTube videos, while others came out to their peers in school presentations. The following are a few of the most inspiring transgender coming-out accounts.
During a lecture on the concept of “inspiration” in 2014, Benton Sorensen came out to his college class. He explains to his peers what it means to be transgender, why he feels compelled to transition, and how his life has changed since then in his presentation. “I wouldn’t be here today to experience stuff like this if I hadn’t been honest with myself when I did,” he said in his speech. The presentation’s YouTube video went viral, with over two million views.

Bus driver talks about her transition from male to female

Passages to the Northwest

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Barbara Anne takes a seat in her car and puts lipstick on her mouth. She began dressing in 2002 and continued to do so in secret until about 2010. Passages to the Northwest It takes a lifetime to discover one’s true self. Coming to terms with their female self has been an ongoing process for the subjects of these portraits. Jessica Dimmock shot the photos and conducted the interviews. Identity Checks, Issue No. 08, February 2018 Jessica Dimmock, a Brooklyn-based photographer, recalls the story of a woman named Cheryl as one of her most poignant memories. Cheryl, now in her late 60s, had spent years of her life traveling to cheap motels where she could express her femininity by wearing lipstick, a wig, a dress, and high heels. Cheryl also found opportunities to be on the road and rent a motel room for the night because her job allowed her to travel,” says Dimmock. “After all of this planning, she would close the curtains and switch on the television to watch the game. The intense loneliness that this act entailed—the guilt and secrecy that came with the need to be who she really is—has stayed with me all these years.”