Looking for a man to take care of me

Oprah winfrey: take care of yourself

How do you feel about a man supporting you financially? We’re talking about him taking care of your rent, car payment, food bills, dental insurance, and everything else. This happening within a marriage is a separate subject, but one that may generate less debate than a boyfriend doing this for a girlfriend. Not even a woman he refers to as his girlfriend, but someone with whom he sleeps and spends time.
The query, “Does a man pay for your life?” does not have a right or wrong answer. A lot of it is situational. What is appropriate for one couple should not be appropriate for another. If you’re talking about a hookup who isn’t yet a boyfriend, make sure his name isn’t on your car because he could come after it if you break up. We spoke with a couple of relationship experts to get their thoughts on the topic. Dr. Laura Louis, the founder of Atlanta Couple Counseling, and Shadeen Francis, a licensed marriage and family therapist, shed some light on the situation.

The fray – look after you

Now that you’ve decided to start your path to recovery, here are some links to help you get started. When it comes to your rehabilitation, recognizing tools and making preparations will help you be more informed and motivated to take action. Following are some safe steps to take:
You may want to write down some of your key goals while you focus through your recovery. These goals can be short-term and simple to achieve, or you can start thinking about bigger, longer-term goals that you want to achieve. It’s helpful to break them down into gradual measures that you can follow over a period of time, such as a week or a month. Do try to compliment yourself on your achievements. Attaining goals, no matter how small, is a sign of optimism and achievement.
Setting recovery goals can be difficult, particularly if you are unsure of what you want to achieve. Know your passions, what makes you happy, and what keeps you motivated. Also, consider your goals, such as where you want your life to go or what you would do more of if you had the opportunity. If you put a lot of thought into your goals, you’ll be more likely to reach them.

3 man-melting phrases that make a guy fall for you

Around 1.4 million of the 140 million tax returns filed in the United States last year have an adjusted gross income of more than $450,000. We’re talking about a high-percentage salary, which is obviously wealthy. Imagine if the country was infested with 1.4 million undead zombies. They’d be all over the place!
A top 1% income is considered wealthy by most people, regardless of where they live. Some would argue that if you have to pay for private school tuition in cities like San Francisco, New York, Paris, and London, you’re all middle class! Being named financially average is a blessing, considering that one of our mantras is to still identify ourselves as middle class.
Whatever your true financial concept of wealth is, your mission, if you embrace it, is to marry one of the 1.4 million or so wealthy people the IRS knows about. Seriously, why waste decades slaving away to become a millionaire when you can easily marry one?
Money is a tautology in that if you have it, you don’t think as much about not getting it. And when you don’t have to think about money as much, you have more time to argue about the other aspects of your relationship.

Watch how to take special care of your man

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Finding love has never been easier than it is now, thanks to the internet. It might be as easy as taking a compatibility quiz or, if you prefer, swiping right. However, online profiles do not always tell the whole story, and meeting up with someone you met online can lead to some unexpected revelations. Getting to know the real person behind the profile is crucial, and before deciding whether or not to commit to someone, you must first understand what you’re looking for in a partner and what they’re looking for in a partner.
Suzanne Degges-White, a licensed counselor, says that “any healthy relationship is founded on certain simple, down-to-earth qualities.” Although superficial characteristics like good looks and sexual chemistry are early indicators of compatibility, there are a few more important, must-have characteristics that women look for in the man they expect to spend the rest of their lives with—characteristics that are less likely to fade with time.