Long o and short o words

Short /ŏ/ sound – phonics by turtlediary

Students will learn the difference between long-o and short-o vowel sounds in words using the printable worksheets on this page. The majority of the practices are aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). CCSS.RF.2.3a and RF.1.2a
Long-O and Short-O Words in Color
There are twelve pictures in this phonics printable. With a red crayon, color the pictures that are words with a short-O sound and a blue crayon, color the pictures that are words with a long-O sound. 1st Grade (PDF) Horizontal Word Hunt with Long and Short O For each row of jumbled up letters, locate and circle the word shown in the pictures. 1st Grade (PDF) Long-O and Short-OT: Listen and Circle eacher: read main words with long-O and short-O vowel sounds from the response key. On their worksheets, the students can circle the word they hear. 1st Grade (PDF)

How to teach reading with phonics – 10/12 – long o sound

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Vowel “o” – long and short sounds | by phonics stories

I’ve discovered that between 80% and 90% of students are unaware that the English letter “O” has many sounds! The letter “O” has three distinct sounds, but several students mispronounce many words because they only use one “O” sound all of the time.
The sound with rounded lips is known as the “universal” or “natural” sound for the letter “O.” (most languages use this sound). Go / home / display / short / know / open / low / over / no / most / for / just are some examples of words with this tone.
This is the regular Short-o sound, which is the same as Short-a-2 (as in “mama”). Not / gone / coffee / copy / hot / wrong / ton / long / off / on / stop / song are some examples of words with Short-o.
Short-o-2 is also known as the Alternate-Short-o, and it sounds similar to Short-u. This sound can be found in a number of sentences. Son / won / from / done / come / some / love / above / nothing / tongue / of / oven / brother / money / month are just a few examples.

The short o sound

Some spelling considerations are more about frequency and aspirations than simple guidelines to obey. This is the case when it comes to spelling the long o sound. For the long o sound in the middle of a letter, the most common spelling is o-e, but oa isn’t far behind. The most popular way to spell the long o sound at the end of words is with the letter ow. So, what about oe? What about the letter o by itself?
Rather than teaching oa, oe, and ow use as a separate lesson, I usually incorporate it while teaching each phoneme and bring it up again during dictation and SOS. It may be beneficial to do a separate lesson on use later on, or to keep a list of recognized words for each spelling pattern. This form of frequency-dependent spelling lends itself well to the development of picture stories as a memory aid.
After teaching VCe syllables, long o as an open syllable, and vowel teams OA, OW, and OE, this is a spelling generalization you can teach. This is also a time when homophones and homographs can be extremely useful. Making homophone dictionaries in which students can write and explain the words is a perfect way to help students remember the meanings and spellings. For more detail, see “Building An Awareness of Homophones.”

Long and short “o” sounds

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Spelling long o short o

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