Local 377 pay scale

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Members received a 1% raise retroactive to 2019, as well as a 1.5 percent pay rise this year, raising their hourly wage to $16.05. According to Kyle Miasek, interim finance chief, the increases are the same as those offered to other city workers last year and this year.
After three years of full-time service with the city, union members are eligible for longevity pay. They get $65 for each year they work for the city, up to the limit of 25 years that all other union members get. According to city officials, only two or three garbage truck drivers are eligible for longevity compensation.
The deal calls for a 1.5 percent pay rise this year and a 1% wage increase in 2021 for the roughly 50 members of Teamsters Local 377, the street department’s union. However, increases were not the union’s main concern.
When it came to taking work and using vehicles, the union required its members to have regular seniority rights. Officials from the city disagreed, claiming that it was an expensive way to run the department.

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According to McTrustry, the new contract establishes a new pay scale for all levels of water or wastewater operators, as well as dual certification. Workers were paid a base rate before the deal, with adjustments for any or all licenses they obtained, he explained.
“I believe we did a fantastic job on the deal. We got it down to a lot less than we were asking for, and we still have the wage re-opener, so I think we did pretty good with that.”
McTrustry stated that the council will vote on a contract with the Fraternal Order of Police union in the near future, but he is awaiting the document from their representative.