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A redwood burl that is alive but dormant does not seem to be very viable. It has a smooth side where the tree was cut down and a lumpier, bent side where the buds would sprout. Choose a low-sided container with an inch or two of extra space around the sides to accommodate the burl. Consider using an ornamental plant saucer or decorative shallow bowl to showcase your sprouted burl. Add about 2 inches of water to the jar and place the burl flat side down in it. Place the container and burl in direct sunlight, and top off the water as required to keep the level stable.
After a few weeks, the burl typically starts to sprout. Redwood burls sprouted in a week or two after being placed in water, according to Peter Del Tredici, director of Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum. Because of the redwood’s fine needles, the new growth appears ferny, and a variety of shoots normally emerge. You can let them all flourish, or you can prune them selectively to thin out the growth. Over time, the redwood shoots grow taller. The shoots will last for a long time. They typically die as a result of over- and under-watering, as well as fungus disease.

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It appears that they will expand to some degree down here in Florida. There are a few established expanding areas in north Florida/south Georgia (that’s me). Some have already grown to 40-inch diameters; a Tallahassee resident has been playing with them for 25 years. Summer heat appears to be an issue; people complain that they develop well for 3 to 4 years and then die… There may be precip/temp cycles, the tree’s nutritional needs, or other factors at play.
California’s coast redwoods, Sequoia sempervirens, are the world’s tallest trees. When grown from seed, they can differ greatly, but there are now varieties available that have been vegetatively propagated and maintain true characteristics. Redwoods mature at a rate of three to five feet each year and are pest-free. They can live for hundreds of years, and some can live for thousands. The bark of older trees is especially lovely, turning a bright orange color. It can struggle to thrive in Florida’s zones 9 and 10.
Throughout the year, redwood keeps its pyramidal shape and dark green foliage. They make a good screen when planted in a row 15 to 20 feet apart. Outside of California and the Pacific Northwest, it’s probably best held as a curiosity specimen.

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The redwood belongs to the family of the world’s largest living trees! The tallest trees are the coastal redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens), but their relative, the giant Sequoia (Sequoia gigantium), holds the record for the world’s largest living tree. Logging operations began in the woods where these magnificent trees grow in the mid 1800s, leaving a trail of stumps and logs that were considered unusable. Stumps and logs less than 16 feet long are currently being removed from these areas. The majority of this salvaged wood continues to produce solid wood that has been aged and slowly dried for a hundred years or more. Wide tables, bar tops, mantles, shelves, guitar tops, and turnings are all possible with redwood. Figured boards with flamed fiddle backs or burl eyes are also available and can be used to make beautiful bass or electric guitars. All of our redwood has been salvaged. These bits were carved from a 6,000-pound burl! There are various grades available, ranging from regular to exhibition! Some of the blanks have very delicate lace burl. The majority of the blanks in this Redwood Lace Burl have lost 50-to-60% of their initial moisture content after being wax sealed. This species dries quickly and does not degrade. Enjoy these incredible works of art!

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We have a huge selection of one-of-a-kind Luthier blanks for any project. Some of the most beautiful finished designs are made with our Guitar wood.
ACG provided the image. Customs in Norway FIND YOUR ONE-OF-A-KIND ITEM Northern California was established in 1967. OUR HISTORYIn 1967, Buck’s Redwood Burl grew out of a landscaping company in the Carmel Valley district. George was looking for driftwood when he came across workers cutting redwood slabs and fell in love with burl wood.
George Buck is a living legend and a pioneer in the redwood burl industry. He is an artist who has worked at every level of the industry for decades and understands the process. His passion and enthusiasm for the art can still be seen in every piece of redwood today. Please send Thank you for submitting your work! This area should be left blank. CONTACTUse this form to request assistance with a custom item, ask a question, or learn more about our inventory.