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Nice, juicy strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries are swirled together with smooth, satisfying yogurt to make the perfect combination. This is a nutritious, tasty smoothie made with farm-fresh ingredients. Nothing out of the ordinary. There is nothing artificial about it. We believe in consuming food the way it was meant to be eaten.

Dairy foods talks about flavored milk and high-protein milk

Two new Monster energy juice flavors, chocolate and vanilla, will join Rise’s original oat milk flavor, and a pumpkin spice flavor for Ugly’s sparkling water line will be available soon. Alkaline 88 is also launching multi-serve and six-pack beverage options in a number of stores.
Pivot Coldbrew, a ready-to-drink functional coffee brand based in Los Angeles, is launching a direct-to-consumer website this month, and Cherrish has expanded its cherry juice range to include a cherry chocolate flavor. G-Fuel is launching two flavors honoring Mortal Kombat characters in a multi-serve powder format and 16-ounce cans. Flow Alkaline Spring Water is adding a Peach + Blueberry flavor, and G-Fuel is releasing two flavors honoring Mortal Kombat characters in a multi-serve powder format and 16-ounce cans.
Under the Live Real Farms banner, Dairy Farmers of America has launched a lactose-free milk line with a 50/50 mix of dairy and plant-based milks. According to Rachel Kyllo, DFA Dairy Brands’ senior vice president of marketing innovation, the Dairy+ brand is merging dairy’s creamy texture and high protein content with the lower sugar content of almond- and oat-based milks.

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With our crown jewel Apple Cider Vinegar rising in popularity by the day, we had the epiphany in late 2018 of mixing Apple Cider Vinegar with other clean, all-natural ingredients to make a refreshing drink that is lower in calories and sugar than many major brands on the market. We wanted to make a drink that was hydrating, soothing, rejuvenating, and delicious, so we chose a combination of Kombucha, apple cider vinegar, and water drawn from beneath our orchards. At the farm, we started fermenting Kombucha from scratch, experimenting with small batches to find the best blends. Dolly, Gaga, Adelle, Aretha, Whitney, Nina, and Beyonce are the names of our seven fermeting kettles, which are all named after popular female singers. When they’re fermenting properly, they sing and (we believe) generate a lot of positive energy in our kombucha space.
So, what exactly is fermenting here? It entails using a ‘mother’ culture when fermenting Apple Cider Vinegar or a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) when fermenting kombucha and carefully controlling the temperatures, aeration, and taste to create an incredible product full of pleasant bacteria. The first known use of kombucha was in China during the Tsin Dynasty in 221 BC. It was dubbed “The Tea of Eternity.” Although we at The Wonky Barn don’t believe we’re invincible, the combination of ACV and Kombucha in our latest fermented drink does provide a natural boost.

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Cook a double or triple batch of a casserole, bolognaise, curry, or soup and freeze half of it. You’ll have a freezer “food bank” in no time, which you can use in the future when work is hectic and time is minimal.
Make a double batch of your meal and use the leftovers the next day in a different recipe. Serve leftover mince, mixed with chilli beans, as Mexican wraps with salad and avocado one night and leftover shepherd pie the next.
Regular snacks are essential when doing physical work during the day to replenish the fuel in your body and sustain your energy levels. Keep snacks in your Ute’s glove box, pack a backpack if you’re going out on the farm on foot, or leave food in strategic locations around the farm so you don’t go hungry.
Coming in for a break also gives you the chance to eat a nutritious snack that will keep you going for longer. Grab a hardboiled egg, a cold chicken drumstick, a banana muffin, fresh fruit, and/or a pot of yoghurt to go with your cup of tea. Remember to consume nutritional snacks instead of pasta, candy, or a chocolate bar when you’re hungry; it’ll help you be more efficient.