Linda can complete 4.5 long divisions in 1 hour. how many can she finish in 6.5 hours?

0.74 ÷ 3.6 =

How long would it take if ‘A’ will complete a task in 3 hours and ‘B’ will complete the same task in 6 hours if they both work together to complete the mission? A. 1 hour; B. 1.5 hours; C. 2 hours; D. 3 hours; E. 3 2 hours C 2.5 hours D. 4.5 hours E. Spoiler Alert! This is an arithmetic problem involving effort and time. It’s a fascinating dilemma, but I can’t seem to solve it. I’m still working on it, but I believe it took (3 + 6) / 2 = 4.5, the average of the two times. However, my response is incorrect. Please justify your reasoning. Thank you.
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How much would you pay for an item if you paid $64.70 per month for 48 months?

Carmen, Austin, and Trey have a total of $128 in their pockets, according to Yesenia. Trey has a $10 advantage over Carmen. Austin has four times the amount of Trey. What is the size of their wallets? Penny Nom responded.
Allie writes:
A rectangular swimming pool has a length of p m and a width of q m. It is assumed that the swimming pool’s length is twice its width. Find the values of p and q if the swimming pool’s circumference is 150 meters.
Heather writes:
Melanie is standing next to the 7th sign in the butterfly garden in St. Thomas Gardens, which is a three mile loop with a sign every third of a mile to mark each third of a mile in the loop.
Penny Nom responded.
Fred, the firefighter, must maintain his physical fitness in order to perform his duties. He runs 4.5 kilometers four mornings a week. How much time does he spend running over the course of four weeks if it takes him 4 minutes and 15 seconds to run 1km on average? Penny Nom responded.
Awotile says:
Find the original fraction of a fraction whose denominator is greater than the numerator when the numerator is increased by 6 and the denominator is increased by 5.
Penny Nom responded.

Company z has 37 cartons valued at $8.25 each. what is their total worth?

This assignment is designed to provide students with practice reasoning with equal ratios and unit rates on both sides of the ratio. This prepares students for Grade 7 proportional relationships and Grade 8 understanding that a proportional relationship can be interpreted as a function in two ways, depending on which variable is considered the input variable and which is considered the output variable.
Divide all values in column A by 10 to get the values in column B. Divide all values in column B by 2 to get the values in column C. The values in column B are repeated in the other columns.

It takes 6 hours for pump a, used alone

800 millimeters

Find each percent of $45.00 and complete the statements

If four machines can finish a job in six hours, how long would it take three machines to finish the same job?

Linda can complete 4.5 long divisions in 1 hour. how many can she finish in 6.5 hours? of the moment

In 6 hours, four machines will finish a job. How long would it take for three computers to finish the same tasks?
[B] = [B] = [B] = [B] = [B] = [B]
[B] 1.21[/B]
Every hour, the population of bacteria grows. There are 5 cells at 12 p.m. There are ten cells at 1 p.m. Every hour, the population of bacteria in AtA grows. There are 5 cells at 12 p.m. There are ten cells at 1 p.m. There are 20 cells at 2 p.m. There are 40 cells at 3 p.m. How many cells will there be at 7 p.m. if this trend continues?
[B] = 40 * 16
640 cells are available.
[B] [/B]
What time did a band take the stage at 9:55 p.m. and play for 2 hours and 27 minutes?
What time did a band’s performance end? A band took the stage at 9:55 and performed for 2 hours and 27 minutes.
As a result, we add 22 minutes to the total time. [A] 12:22 PM EST [B] [/B] With the current, a boat sailed 336 kilometers downstream. It took 12 hours to travel downstream. With the current, an equaa boat traveled 336 kilometers downstream. It took 12 hours to travel downstream. Describe this relationship with an equation.