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Lew Plumbing & Heating Ltd. covers Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, North and West Vancouver (North Shore), Surrey, Coquitlam, and the Lower Mainland with residential and industrial plumbing, heating, air conditioning, sewage/drainage, and emergency services.
For all of your plumbing needs, we have expert installation, repairs, replacement, and maintenance. Any piping system, including overflowing sewage lines or clogged drainage lines, can be cleaned and drained by our professional technicians.
Any heating system, including furnaces, heat pumps, thermostats, and radiant heating, can be repaired, installed, or replaced by us. Our team also includes trained and qualified gas fitters who can connect new gas lines as well as remove or replace existing gas lines. In addition, we will help you maintain and fix hot water tanks to fulfill your hot water requirements.
We agree that frequent customers should be rewarded with discounts, so we have a customer loyalty card. Customers will find Heating and Plumbing coupons on the “Special Offers” page of the Services menu as a token of our gratitude for their company. In addition, our company offers maintenance plans that are customized to your unique requirements (building managers and real estate agent are eligible for special discounts). Our senior clients, aged 60 and up, are also eligible for a discount.

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You’ve probably noticed how dry your house feels during these very cold days. Static electricity is strong, lips and hands are dry, and your houseplants seem to need double the amount of water. However, if you heat your home with a boiler rather than a forced air system, you can assume that you are getting moist heat and higher humidity levels.
Boiler heat systems, whether using hot water or steam radiators, do not have any more humidity than a forced air system – or at least they aren’t expected to. A correctly operating boiler and radiator heating system heats, not humidifies.
Since cold air does not retain as much moisture as warm air, humidity decreases in the winter. Although forced air systems dry the air out faster than radiant heating, neither will provide the moisture we crave in the winter.
Steam radiators generate heat by drawing steam into cast iron coils, which then radiate it throughout the building. Via air vents, the air in the coils is displaced and expelled. If you’ve noticed an increase in humidity, it’s probably due to steam escaping from the air vents during this operation. Unfortunately, any steam escaping in excess of a very small amount indicates that your air vents are clogged, which is bad for your boiler. You can clean out those air vents as soon as possible if there is enough steam for you to notice.

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Repair, replacement, “TPMS” service, and light reset are all included. Electronic tire spin balancing, valve stem replacement, rim repairs, and tire rotation are all services that we provide. (This involves retightening the vehicle’s lug nuts to factory specifications.) Tires may be disposed of). To see if you need new tires, take the Tire Penny Test.
My car repair was handled expertly by Lew’s. I required tires, an oil change, and an inspection, and due to my work schedule, I couldn’t get my vehicle serviced. My car was picked up, serviced, and returned by Lew’s. I would strongly advise you to entrust your vehicle to these professionals. Giddings, A.

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The consumer had a power surge, according to the complaints. The capacitor had failed, but the condesor coil was in poor condition. Due to a lack of care, the coil became clogged with dirt and was unable to breathe, causing the A/C to overheat. Capacitor failure can be caused by a hot capacitor.
Compressor and liquid line drier were also replaced. Weighed in the factory fee, powered up the device, and discovered that the contactor was not opening every time after the compressor call had been dropped. Replaced contactor, cycled device again, checked, and everything appears to be in working order at this time.
Customer said that the device had gone off twice on the 7 code, had been reset, and had since run normally. Fault code was high limit switch, and it was discovered that the filter was dirty and needed to be changed. The filter was replaced, and the system is now working properly.
Maintenance was performed, a cooling review was performed in April, the contract will be renewed in April of next year, and maintenance will be scheduled on the new plan. There was a problem with the blower capacitor, which was replaced, and there are no other problems at this time.