Leg cramping during sex

Pain during sex? (hindi)| sex से दर्द हो तो

There aren’t many options for me because I have a minor issue that most people wouldn’t consider a concern. I’m a huge orgasmist. Of course, I’m thankful for it, but it’s to the point that I regularly show up 10 times or more during partnered sex.
Isn’t it a bit too orgasmic? Let us all be reminded that all pain and enjoyment are really in the eyes (and genitalia) of the beholder, before any of my less orgasmic readers start shredding this week’s column in order to dry your overly-pleasured tears.
The sense of achievement in relation to sexpectations is always what sexual satisfaction comes down to: You might feel good about the sex you just had if orgasm is the target and you “achieve” it. Will you feel like you’ve “achieved” the target of slowing down and reducing your orgasms if you “achieve” it? If the intention is to be present in your body with your partners, regardless of orgasm, and you don’t achieve that goal, you might be disappointed with your sexy time.

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Cramping can occur when you exercise without properly warming up your muscles. Cramps can also occur when a muscle is unable to relax properly (for example, due to a magnesium or potassium deficiency in your diet) or when it is irritated by lactic acid accumulation (which can happen if you don’t rest your muscle after a hard workout). All of these issues may be exacerbated by dehydration. According to Kale, older people frequently don’t drink enough water at night to prevent needing to go to the toilet, and as a result, they become dehydrated.
Cramping can also be caused by a decrease in blood supply to the muscles. Atherosclerosis, which causes narrowing of the arteries in your legs, may cause this. It can happen for a variety of reasons. “Some people say that if their feet are exposed from under the covers at night, they get cramps. The blood vessels will constrict as a result of being cold “Kale explains.
Cramping can also be caused by misfiring nerves that become confused as a result of neurological disorders (such as Parkinson’s disease, neuropathy, or spine issues that compress nerves in the low back). It can be caused by even common foot problems (such as flat arches).

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We don’t need psychologists to remind us that there are more advantages to sex than just pleasure. (However, if you need scientific evidence, there’s plenty of it, such as how it can strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and depression risk, improve sleep, and even change how we perceive pain.) However, despite the fact that it is popular among women, there is one subject that is seldom discussed: cramps after sex.
According to Shyama Mathews, MD, a board-certified gynecologist in New York, most women have experienced this form of pain after sex at some stage in their lives. “It can sound like menstrual cramps for most women,” she says. In fact, according to a recent British survey, nearly one in ten women suffers from pain during or after sex (also known as Dyspareunia in scientific circles). Women of all ages are affected, according to the results, and other forms of pain are related to vaginal dryness, anxiety, a lack of pleasure, and other issues. Researchers point out that there are other factors, such as emotional and psychological problems, that may lead to painful sex in addition to physical causes.

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For these reasons, it’s a major setback when our sex lives are ruined for one cause or another, and it’s particularly aggravating if you’re in pain while engaged in what should be a purely pleasurable activity.
I’m talking about cramping, and while we all get cramps now and then, there are few things more uncomfortable or painful than cramping during and after sex. This can be humiliating and ruin a moment, particularly if it’s with a new partner or someone we’re still trying to impress. Furthermore, whether it decreases the amount of positions in which we can have sex or reduces our pleasure, it can cause us to lose out on an important part of our lives – and even strain our relationship.
Rest assured, however, that sex-related cramping is fairly normal, particularly in the abdomen for women and the legs for both women and men (the latter is a problem especially during sex standing up). The pain in the abdomen may be more serious and have a variety of causes; the list below includes some potential reasons as well as details on how to deal with the issue.