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Left behind: an experience in sound and drama cast

Left Behind is a multimedia franchise that began with a series of 16 bestselling Christian dispensationalist End Times novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, which dealt with the pretribulation, premillennial, Christian eschatological interpretation of the Biblical apocalypse. The Tribulation Force, an underground network of converts, is pitted against the NWO-esque group “Global Community” and its chief, Nicolae Carpathia, who is also the Antichrist, in the series’ main battle.
To date, four films have been based on the series. Left Behind: The Movie (2000), Left Behind II: Tribulation Force (2002), and Left Behind: World at War (2003) are the first three films in the original trilogy (2005). In 2014, Cloud Ten Pictures released a reboot starring Nicolas Cage, titled simply Left Behind. 1st The series spawned an audio drama and the PC game Left Behind: Eternal Forces (2006), as well as several sequels.
Left Behind is a contemporary tale of the end times, in which true believers in Christ have been “raptured” (taken to heaven immediately), leaving the earth broken and unstable.
[2]As the world waits for answers, an unknown Romanian politician named Nicolae Jetty Carpathia ascends to the role of UN Secretary-General, promising to restore peace and prosperity to all nations. Carpathia is the Antichrist, as prophesied in the Bible, which the majority of the world is unaware of. As airline pilot Rayford Steele, his daughter Chloe, their pastor Bruce Barnes, and young journalist Cameron “Buck” Williams come to terms with the reality and become born-again Christians, they form the Tribulation Force to help save the lost and prepare for the coming Tribulation, during which God will rain down judgement on the earth for seven years.

Soul harvest

Vehicles careen out of control when they are unexpectedly unmanned. People are terrified when their loved ones disappear in front of their eyes. Rayford Steele, an airline captain, is searching for his family, answers, and the facts in the midst of global turmoil. As tragic as the disappearances have been, the worst days could be yet to come. The gripping Left Behind story, written by well-known Christian writers Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, depicts what life would be like for those left behind when millions of people disappear. View the entire Left Behind franchise.

Tribulation force

The world will never be the same again. As the dust settles, allegiances are established and sides are drawn. Survival isn’t guaranteed. Now, more than ever, caution is needed. What went wrong, and what do we do now? What would you do if you found yourself in their situation? These thrilling audio dramas are a must-listen for fans of the iconic Left Behind series. The second book in the Left Behind series, Tribulation Force, is written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. Professional radio drama actors and high quality values work together to have a dynamic experience for listeners.

Left behind sequel

Just one series will take you to the end of the universe when exploring everlasting truth: Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins’ best-selling Left Behind series. The complete series is now available as an audiobook. Frank Muller reads each abridged audiobook. Where will you be when the trumpet sounds? Passengers in an airborne Boeing 747 find out in this riveting novel by renowned Christian speaker Tim LaHaye and master storyteller Jerry Jenkins. Passengers mysteriously vanish from their seats with no notice. As strange events unfolded, terror and confusion spread not just across the plane but also across the world. The apocalypse has only just started for those who have been left behind. This fictional account of life after the Rapture sends an urgent message to today’s listeners, encouraging them to prepare their own hearts and minister to others.