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Our mission is to keep housing affordable for American families. We do this by analyzing public policy dialogue at the federal and state levels and being personally involved in topics that could affect home affordability.
The California Building Industry Association is a national trade association headquartered in Sacramento that represents thousands of members in the homebuilding, multi-family, and mixed-use construction industries, including homebuilders, trade contractors, architects, engineers, designers, manufacturers, and industry professionals.
The construction industry has long been an integral part of California’s economic strength, and its continued success is vital to the state’s current recovery. It is important to maintain the industry’s growing momentum and growth, as new housing development contributed $38.6 billion to California’s economy in 2013 and supported more than 209,000 jobs.

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Ken is a lawyer who works with Leading Builders of America and is mainly responsible for federal government affairs. He recently assisted in the active lobbying efforts for the Fix House First Coalition and the Homes for America Alliance in this capacity.
Prior to joining LBA, he worked for Pulte Homes as Vice President, Government Relations, where he supervised the company’s outreach to Congress, federal agencies, and state legislatures in 27 states. He also served as Chairman of the Government Affairs Committee of the High Production Home Builders Council, where he oversaw industry-wide lobbying activities for some of the country’s largest home builders. Ken worked in the car manufacturing sector and for a major retailer before entering the homebuilding industry.
Clayton Traylor joined the LBA team after five years as Director of Government and Business Affairs and Sustainability Officer at Centex Homes. Clayton was in charge of the company’s political, legislative, and regulatory activities at the federal, state, and local levels in this capacity. Clayton was also in charge of Centex’s energy-saving programs.

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Ken has been the CEO of Leading Builders of America (LBA), a Washington, D.C. trade group that represents many of the country’s largest home builders, since 2008. The LBA’s 21 representatives build roughly 35% of all new homes in the United States. Ken represents major home builders before Congress, the executive branch, and all federal agencies in this capacity. Ken stays engaged on a number of topics as a result of his practice, including tax reform, mortgage lending, land use, environmental legislation, and labor law. He has spoken before Congress and federal agencies on a regular basis and has been featured in a number of national media outlets.
Ken worked for Sears and Sears National Bank before joining Pulte Homes as Vice President of the Alliance of Car Manufacturers and Senior Counsel and Director of Federal Government Affairs. He was in charge of consumer credit and finance, employment law, and tax legislation in that capacity. Ken served as General Counsel for the Massachusetts Retailers Association earlier in his career.

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Woodside Homes has joined Leading Builders of America’s urgent national request for its trading partners to donate unused, surplus masks and eye protection equipment. Woodside Homes’ Corporate Office, 460 West 50 North, Suite 200, Salt Lake City, is collecting these. At https://www.directrelief.org/, cash contributions are also authorized. The public will join in the initiative by using the hashtag #BuildersCare on social media.
Woodside Homes CEO Joel Shine says, “This is an opportunity for the homebuilding industry to help with the coronavirus public health epidemic and protect our critical healthcare staff.” “As a business that cares deeply for our neighborhoods, homebuyers, and workers, Woodside Homes is urging all of our trade partners to respond quickly to our country’s protective equipment shortage. As an industry and as a society, we will fight this pandemic together and emerge stronger than ever.”
“We’ve partnered with experts to put in place best practices to protect our environment, staff, homebuyers, and trade partners as we continue to build and sell homes to meet the demand in the markets where we build,” Shine says.