Lawrence public schools salary schedule

Lae 12-9-20

Lawrence school board members and administrators are well aware of the dynamic nature of the teaching talent market, and they recognize the value of keeping wages competitive with the large Johnson County districts if they don’t want the district’s best and brightest teachers to leave for better opportunities east.
This understanding influenced the board’s acceptance of a 2017-2018 wage plan last fall, which included a $2,310 raise for all teachers and a raise in the base entry-level salary from $37,750 to $40,040.
The Lawrence Education Association, which represents teachers in discussions with the district, is led by Laurie Folsom. She said the pay increase for 2017-2018 was long overdue, and she hoped the momentum will continue with the 2018-2019 contract, particularly now that the Kansas Legislature has approved new school funding.
“We have had almost a decade of underfunding of public education in Kansas,” she said. “In most districts, wage schedules have come to a halt. We received a substantial boost last year, but in many of the previous six years, wages were only increased by $100 to $200.”

Lae superintendent interview – cynthia paris

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Develop lesson plans and instructional materials, as well as individual and small group guidance, as required, to tailor the curriculum to the needs of each student in accordance with OAS computer science standards.
Develop lesson plans and instructional materials, as well as individual and small group guidance, as required, to tailor the curriculum to the needs of each student in accordance with OAS computer science standards.
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Lae meeting 10-21-2020

Extra duty jobs will see a 3% rise per year, with a few new positions introduced as well. Other arrangements were made that were unique to certificated and non-certificated employees in terms of time and training.
The existing contract with the Lawrence Township Education Association is set to expire on June 30, and the new one will run from July 1 to June 30, 2025. The district and the LTEA agreed to a five-year deal, rather than the normal three-year contract, for the first time.
Negotiations with the LTEA began in November of last year, and an agreement was reached in late February. On March 17, the LTEA ratified the agreement, and on April 1, the school board voted to approve it.
In consultation with Superintendent Ross Kasun, Dr. Andrew Zuckerman, assistant superintendent for curriculum and training, and Sean Fry, director of personnel and administrative services, led talks on behalf of the district. The LTEA was portrayed by Braulio Borlaza, president, and Michele D’Angelo, first vice president and negotiations chair.

Lawrence public schools board of education meeting

Under a new contract approved by the Lawrence Township Public Schools Board of Education, teachers, guidance counselors, and instructional assistants will receive a 3% annual pay boost.
Nurses, administrators, child study team managers, security guards, librarians, library assistants, administrative assistants, athletic trainers, custodians, cleaners, and maintenance staff are all represented by the Lawrence Township Education Association.
The new deal is unique in that it is a five-year agreement, according to school district officials. Contracts between the school board and the teachers’ union are normally for three years. In 2018, the school board accepted a four-year contract with the principals, assistant principals, administrators, and athletic director’s union.
The Lawrence Township Education Association and the school board have reached an agreement, according to school board President Kevin Van Hise. He described the process as “collaborative, technical, and equal.”