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During each recruiting process, offers for Fall Semester, Spring Semester, and Summer law student internships will be made on a rolling basis. Internship deadlines can be found here. We welcome applications from both first-year and second-year law students. Students in their first year of law can search the website for internship opportunities in early December each year.
We also have an Intern Investigator Program that gives law students an interesting, hands-on, in-the-field experience in criminal defense law. Summer 2021 will feature a virtual remote experience. Find Out More

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The Center for University Advisement has given a list of internship and program opportunities. For a more complete list of opportunities, please consult with your Advisement dean and your Pride-CMS account.
Through advancements in law, justice, knowledge, practice, and public policy, the American Bar Association’s Center on Children and the LawCenter works to improve the lives of children. Child abuse and neglect, child protection and protective services system improvement, foster care, family preservation, revocation of parental rights, parental drug abuse, adolescent wellbeing, and domestic violence are all topics to look at.
Advocacy for Jews Around the World Three fellowships are available to support the development of potential leaders in foreign and domestic affairs, diplomacy, public relations, and management. Summer internships and fellowships offer young people the rare opportunity to work for a total of nine weeks full-time at offices around the world-from San Francisco to Geneva, Switzerland, and from New York to Melbourne, Australia, at the State Department, Department of Defense, and on Capitol Hill.

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Students will intern at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, which is one of the best prosecutors’ offices in the country.

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We have a long-standing Summer Law Fellowship program that allows first- and second-year law students to gain first-hand experience with the duties of an Assistant District Attorney.

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Our office also provides law and university students semester internships, as well as summer intern programs for college and high school students.

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We also ask that you fill out and email the voluntary form below to help us recruit a more diverse workforce. You are not obligated to complete this form. You are under no obligation to include the requested information; as the form states, “your failure to do so will have no impact on you or your application for Federal employment.” We will not take this detail into account when evaluating your application for a summer internship. The data, on the other hand, will be extremely useful in assessing our efforts to attract a diverse community of talented applicants.
Second-year law students can apply for the summer of 2021 between September 8 and October 9, 2020. Please follow the instructions below to apply the above-mentioned application materials, either online or by mail. In your cover letter and, if you’re applying electronically, on the online form, specify whether you’re applying to the Criminal or Civil Division. Please state in your cover letter and on the online form whether you prefer to work in the Office’s Criminal Division in White Plains.