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2. K E E P (v) to save (something, particularly money) for later use I’ve been putting money aside for almost a year and now have about $900 in my account. I keep all of my old letters in case I need to reread them. Some people save postage stamps or milk bottle tops and donate them to charitable organizations that sell them for profit. Will you reserve a seat for me at your table? She’s putting money together for a new bike. The Cooperative Bank is where I save (= where I keep my money). (restricted) Putting stuff on a computer disk is how you store it. I forgot to save the work I did this morning on the machine.
5. This is something that we all do on a daily basis while using a computer. We press the Save Icon or pick the Save option after making a series of changes to a document to save the most recent collection of changes to the hard disk.
Baseball is number nine. If a relief pitcher may hold the team’s lead when the opponent’s tying or winning runs are on base, or if they pitch three or more innings without allowing the opponents to tie the game, they are credited with a save.

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Thank you all for your support. In answer to Decimvs, I want it to mean that if anyone saves me, I will save them, so yes, it is a conditional? I’d like it to be as easy as possible because I plan to have it tattooed on my foot… and my feet are only a size 4!
I’m not sure the future perfect conveys what the OP is trying to say. I think something along the lines of serva me; te servaris “save me and you’ll have saved yourself” would be a good sentiment, but the OP seems to be saying she means “save me first, then I’ll save you.” Serva me; te servaro will be more along the lines of “Save me, and you’ll be saved by me.” But she’ll have to be more specific about what she says.
I’m still thinking serva me; te servabo will suffice. Plautus’ Rudens includes two examples that, while being of a very different nature than this submission, prove the construction:
As a result, I disagree with Nikolaos that et is required or that me and te in serva me te servabo may be confused: it would be unnatural to view the two separate clauses as mixed. However, you might add a word like tum or ita to the apodosis to draw a more clear conditional relation between them: serva me; [tum/ita] te servabo. However, I don’t believe it is strictly important.

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Latin is obviously essential for the operation of many fundamental professions and disciplines, and for the rest of us, Latin remains fascinating and useful in the understanding of our everyday language, especially Latin expressions and terminology weakness – (a Greek word used in Latin – the metaphor refers to the legend of the hero Achilles, as a baby held by the heel and dipped into the rive) – There is no such thing as a zero year (these terms mainly refer to philosophical or mathematical assertions) – An ‘a priori’ reality is self-evident, requiring no direct experience or proof (for example,’snow is cold’). – a ‘a posteriori’ fact is based on denotes the first of something, such as alpha-male (dominant male) or alpha-test (the initial release of technology/software by developers prior to finalizing specifications/features and beta-test, which is final testing among developers).

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“Do not put your life in the hands of others; you are the only one who can determine whether or not you are satisfied. Make it clear that you are not relying on their approval or feelings for you. It doesn’t matter whether someone dislikes you or doesn’t want to be with you at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter what you’re becoming as long as you’re pleased with yourself. It doesn’t matter if you like yourself or if you’re proud of what you’re bringing out into the world; all that matters is that you like yourself. You have power over your happiness and worth. You get to be the one that validates yourself. That is something you must never forget.” Bianca Sparacino (Bianca Sparacino)