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The player can aim for a bouncy flower in the Courtyard and use it to bounce to a higher ledge with a zipper. Mario can grab the zipper and use it to unzip the wall, revealing a hidden route that leads to the Power Moon.
The player should aim for a grassy ledge with three crates, one of which is a shiny crate, near the top of the Water Plaza. The player will obtain a Power Moon if they smash the shiny crate.
A split path can be found near the start of the kingdom in the spiky tunnel. Mario can lead the way to a hidden treasure chest, which when opened will grant the player a Power Moon.
A seed can be found near the beginning of the empire, near the start of the spiky tunnel. Mario should take it and place it in a flower pot near the entrance to the Water Plaza. After planting it, the player must wait about 40 minutes for it to bloom, which will result in the appearance of a Power Moon.
The player can proceed to the water’s surface from the Underwater Entrance checkpoint to find a platform with a scarecrow on it. Mario must toss Cappy onto the scarecrow, which will show some blocks and a Power Moon at the lake’s bottom for a short period of time. After that, the player must plunge down the lake in order to catch the Power Moon before it vanishes.

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After completing the Sand Kingdom, one of two kingdoms becomes available: the Lake Kingdom. The player can fly to either the Lake Kingdom or the Wooded Kingdom first, making the Lake Kingdom the fourth or fifth kingdom in the game, depending on which is chosen first.
In the Lake Kingdom, there are 42 different Power Moons. There are 33 reported right away, with nine more being available after breaking the Moon Rock. There is just one distinct Story Moon in Lake Kingdom, and it is a Multi Moon.

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Purchase the Swim Goggles for 5 Purple Coins and the Swimwear for 10 Purple Coins from the Crazy Cap shop on the second floor of the Water Plaza. Put them on and proceed to the second floor’s left side. Speak with the Lochlady, and she’ll help you unlock the door. Enter the house. Cappy should be thrown onto the mannequin and spun to show the Power Moon!
Enter the house. On the other hand, unzip the first wall to build a platform. It appears that you will need to locate a key. Continue on the road and unzip the next zipper you come across. You can either go get Power Moon 23 or keep going along the new platform you built. Remove a third of the wall and use it to get to the final section. After getting the key at the top, unzip the entire floor and let the Micro Goombas fall to their deaths. To assert your Power Moon, return to the starting place.
Within, float over to the orange line on the wall using the flower spring. Grab it and make your way to the right, where you can lift yourself up. Alternatively, you should float over to the red platform. To hold onto the shifting yellow walls, use the flower spring in the center of the Fuzzy enemies. The Purple Coins are on the left, and the goal is on the right. Wait for a gap between the Fuzzies before crossing to the next flower spring.

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The stairs from the Odyssey’s landing area to a new area called the Courtyard will appear after you defeat the area’s boss. Handle the Goombas first, then use the right-hand trampoline. Jump to the right-hand ledge above the water, then use the zipper to open a long corridor. As you race, collect the coins, then turn left at the end to see the moon hidden behind the wall.
Drop through the hole in the Water Plaza dome’s roof and follow the coin trail back to the shaft’s back. To open the doors, press the button, then swim up. To lower the pillars, press the right-hand button at the top. Jump from the trampoline to the boxes ahead of you. The moon would fly over the area to the far side if the boxes are smashed. Work your way over to it using the other trampolines.
Turn right when you see the coin in a bubble when you swim through the spike-lined tunnel on your way to the Water Plaza, but don’t catch it just yet — you’ll get more air in a second and you’ll want another one on your way back through. Down the right-hand corridor, there’s a chest on top of the ledge.