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Why Should You Study Law? Three Critical Reasons The law is a strong tool… Affects all, from CEOs to children. Affects almost every aspect of life, from work to play. The rule of law is crucial… But who is more important: the people who enforce the law or the written law? Law is enthralling… It’s complicated, but it’s never all theoretical. Trials on television often attract a wide audience.
The Law’s Origins Law’s Definition The law is a collection of principles, regulations, and conduct requirements that: Have a societal application Have been created by a government authority for that society Have an associated penalty for violations
Sources of Today’s Law
The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land. The Constitution establishes Congress, the Presidency, and the Courts. States are granted rights that the federal government does not have. All people are guaranteed human rights. Constitutions of individual states Create the executive, legislative, and judicial structures for your state. Statutes are laws enacted by the federal and state governments. The term “common law” refers to a body of law that has been formed by precedent or previous court decisions. Administrative law is a type of law that is established by government agencies. Treaties and executive orders are examples of other legal documents.

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A civil case is a legal dispute between two parties in which one believes the other is liable to the suing party in any way. When an individual or group of people commits a crime that the state or federal government finds offensive, it is called a criminal case.
The owner of Pub Zone was aware of the Pagan gang’s history of crime, so she barred members from wearing gang colors but permitted them to join and be served a drink, according to the court.
If the Pagan gang members were wearing their flags, Pub Zone should have refused to serve them. Pub Zone may not have been responsible for the assault if the participants had left and returned without the biker colors on.
What criminal charges would these facts bring against the Pagans and Kuehn? Several criminal charges may be brought against the Pagans. Those charges may include high-level assault and battery, as well as attempted murder, since Mr. Kuehn…

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Quick Facts: A man was beaten by a biker gang in the bathroom of the Pub Zone.

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Result: Unless they have reason to know of danger from previous encounters, the owner of a company is usually not an insurer of visitor protection.
Quick Facts: A fight breaks out at Happy Jacks, and a good samaritan runs across the street to call for help. But, the bartender refuses to let him use the phone, and everyone in the saloon dies as a result.
Quick Facts: The Shoe Company makes shoes in Missouri but sells them in Washington. Despite the fact that the salesmen accept orders, they do not accept payment. They would pay into the state’s unemployment system, according to Washington. Shoe Co. had enough encounters with the state to warrant a complaint because they were systemic and ongoing.
Quick Facts: A 78-year-old woman files a lawsuit, and the defendant fails to provide a witness or a representative for depositions (missed it three times)
As a result of the judge’s decision, the defendant’s response is “stricken from the record,” and the plaintiff is declared the winner. It was willful and contumacious to refuse to comply with discovery demands.

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The United States Supreme Court heard a case involving a firefighter lieutenant test in New Haven, Connecticut. The exam results are listed in the table below. Is there enough evidence to back up the argument that the test results should be thrown out because they…
Consider an overlay network with N active peers, each with an active TCP link between them. Furthermore, assume that the TCP link is routed via M routers. In the corresponding overlay network, how many nodes and edges are there?
If the ping-pong ball’s core is to clear the net as seen, at what height h should the ball be served horizontally? Determine h 2 as well. For impacts between the ball and the table, the coefficient of restitution is e = 0.9, and the radius of the ball is r = 0.75 in.
Ann puts $100 into her bank savings account at the end of each month. The bank offered a nominal interest rate of 6%, compounded quarterly. For the entire 3-month cycle, no interest was accrued on money that was not in the account. How much money did Ann have at the end of three years?