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Many things in life can be described as life changing, but this healing journey that I went on changed my entire self while also helping me to prioritize my life goals. I’ll be forever grateful to the devoted staff at Kripalu Yoga and Health Center for their inspiring guidance.
On a gorgeous September day, I arrived from my fast-paced life in NYC for my R & R Retreat at Kripalu and made my way down their long, breathtaking entranceway, a little nervous. Will I be accepted? I do yoga and try to live a balanced lifestyle, but I’d never been to a wellness center of this size or with such a strong goal.
All of my nerves vanished as soon as I walked into the Kripalu. There was an instant sense of calm, with smiles from everyone I passed and a warm welcome at the reservation desk. I was fortunate enough to be staying in the newer Annex Building, which is a beautifully designed, environmentally conscious living space with stunning views and a private bath.

Kripalu r&r

Find out more about the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health is a yoga and health retreat. — / — / — / — / — / — / — / — / — / — / — / — / — Visitors 1 bed, 2 adults, 0 children Contact accommodation for availability. There are hotels that are close to this one. Display all NM DreamerCambridge, MA8099 NM DreamerCambridge, MA8099 NM DreamerCambridge R&R is not the same as a retreat or a renewal. Kripalu Centre for Yoga & Wellness Study 16th of July, 2011, Kripalu is overcrowded, overbooked, and overpriced, and I couldn’t agree more with the November review.
I went away for a weekend of rest and relaxation. The lobby was crowded and scorching hot when I arrived on a steamy Friday afternoon (not air conditioned). My room did not become available until 2.5 hours after check-in. I wanted to change clothes in the luggage room in order to attend the last yoga class of the day.
The food didn’t appeal to me, but it seemed to be a hit with others. Despite the fact that it is summer, apples, oranges, and bananas were the only fruits available. To add insult to injury, the R&R price includes food, tea, and water, but not coffee, which must be purchased separately in a location separate from the dining room.

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Then there’s this image that takes your breath away: A panoramic view of rolling hills and open sky, punctuated by the tranquil expanse of a lake. When you come across this picture, it fills you with an unexpected sense of calm. Pay attention to the message from inside… What is it trying to tell you?
You eat mindfully and savor each bite at silent breakfast: Scrambled eggs with steamed vegetables; cinnamon raisin toast with strawberry jam; organic coffee with a splash of local milk (At long last!)
A guided walk through the Yukon Ridge focuses you and fills your lungs with fresh air. The to-do list, which seemed so urgent only a few days ago, is now a distant memory, as hazy as the Berkshire hills’ fog.
You retire to your bed, relaxed, content, and exhausted in a good way. You can’t wait to repeat the process tomorrow! As you drift off, you say to yourself, “Oooh, I think I’ll check out that Ayurvedic lecture in the afternoon.” Dreams of sweet dreams…

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My husband and I were fortunate enough to have a weekend to ourselves recently, while Serena stayed over with her grandparents. We knew she’d have a nice time because she was so excited about the sleepover and enjoys spending time with them. Then we had to figure out how to spend this once-in-a-lifetime adult-only weekend.
We chose to spend two nights with the R & R program at Kripalu, a retreat center in Western Massachusetts, after exploring a few different choices. I’ve attended a few workshops there with Natalie, Dan and I did a weekend workshop there when I was pregnant with Serena, and I did a one-month yoga instructor training there many years ago (an amazing experience).
We wanted to spend a weekend at Kripalu in part because, as parents of an active boy, we have too little downtime to just relax. While having a lot of things to do is usually a good thing, the thought of going somewhere and staying put and not having to make many decisions seemed so, so calming. And we were absolutely right! It was wonderful to spend the weekend in such a lovely venue, with delicious food available for all three meals, twice-daily yoga lessons, and workshops to choose from during the day. It was my first time doing the R&R option rather than a workshop or software, and it was interesting to see Kripalu in a new light.