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Knox Warren Special Education District is looking for enthusiastic and committed people to help with special education service to our cooperative’s students. 1:1 paraprofessional at Lincoln Elementary School in Monmouth, 1:1 paraprofessional at Central School in Monmouth, Program paraprofessional at Central School in Monmouth (ED classroom), Program paraprofessional at Knoxville High School (ED classroom), and Program paraprofessional at Mable Woolsey Elementary School in Knoxville are among the positions available (ED classroom).

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Children with disabilities that need specific training are served by the Knox-Warren Special Education District. Within Knox and Warren Counties, it works with seven school districts. Students learn the fundamentals of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as how to apply these principles in problem-solving situations. Instruction ranges from complete class to small groups to individualized work, and a variety of literary genres and other resources are used. Students learn to understand mathematics by communicating and reasoning mathematically, applying mathematics in real-world situations, and solving problems through the study of number systems, geometry, estimation, probability, data collection, and interpretation. Parents are very involved in the parent program, which allows them to collaborate with teachers and staff to ensure that each child has the opportunity to excel in their learning experience and improve. Parents are encouraged to participate in numerous school activities, demonstrating their commitment to education and their children.

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It wasn’t bad; I’ve served in much worse situations. The work was made more complicated by the fact that the chronically autistic child for whom I’d been recruited as an individualized paraprofessional was a “runner” and a fighter. Half, if not two-thirds, of my work consisted of chasing down the child whenever he attempted to flee. Galesburg, Illinois teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing 3.0 on the 13th of August, 2017 I enjoyed teaching the students as long as I stayed on the good side of the districts and the director.

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Deb Wilcockson was born on March 29, 1951, in Springfield, Illinois, to Ruth and Don Wilcockson. She graduated from Springfield High School after attending Springfield public schools. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in education and a special education teaching certificate from Western Illinois University in 1973. She began her career in this area at Warren Achievement Center in Monmouth, Illinois, and later taught and managed special education programs for the Knox/Warren Special Education Cooperative, which is operated by Galesburg School District 205.
Deb was a talented seamstress as well as a resourceful and inventive chef. Deb, who was still interested in music, was a flutist. She was a long-time member of her church choirs and the Buchanan Community Chorus. She enjoyed watching sports, as she had done in the past with her dad (Bears and Cardinals). Deb and her husband Don enjoyed boating on the Mississippi River, and she became an experienced water skier as a result of her athleticism. She gained considerable prowess in golf after taking up the sport later in life. She learned to ride a motorcycle and got a motorcycle endorsement on her driver’s license somewhere along the way.