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The EVI ULTEMate Kennedy 24 Ultem Cap is a full one-piece cap for the Kennedy 24 with an ultra large bore low profile mouthpiece integrated directly into the cap for a shorter overall height than the regular Kennedy 24 cap.
The ULTEMate Ultem Cap for the Kennedy 24 is made of genuine Ultem 1000 and provides a range of performance benefits thanks to Ultem 1000’s high heat resistance. Heat transfer to the user’s mouth is reduced, and the wicks have a distinctive look and translucent appearance that allows the user to see how saturated they are. Ultem 1000’s glass particle content and inert properties have a high heat resistance that does not melt like conventional plastics and does not add any flavor to the vapour output.
The ultra large bore mouthpiece allows for optimum cloud output while maintaining good flavor, as well as allowing the consumer to see their coil from the top and drip into the deck without having to remove the cap.

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The Kennedy RDA has been around for a few years and is still one of the best RDAs on the market; if you’re looking for great flavor and vapor production, this is the RDA for you.
The velocity type posts are the best on the market, and the big stainless steel hex screws guarantee a tight fit for a long time with no stripping issues. This latest modular series also includes post designs that can be swapped out. The 24mm series has four air tubes, which is an increase from the regular Kennedy RDA’s two. It also includes a fat dragon drip tip that is short, discreet, and ultra-wide. The 24mm Kennedy RDA was created to be the best competition RDA on the market, and it succeeds.
The extra thick RDA cap is less likely to absorb heat from use, allowing for a “Chain” vaping session without a hot or even warm vape. This RDA is ideal for those who want RDA-style vapor production but with a greater capacity and less need to re-drip E-Liquid.

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We adore Kennedy RDA, and agree that any electronic cigarette player should have a few genuine or clone versions of the atomizer, dating back to the first generation of Kennedy RDA. There is nothing more deserving of our aspirations than Kennedy when it comes to genuine players, and Kennedy RDA has never let us down when it comes to clone goods players. The Kennedy 24 RDA has a dual-post configuration that gives you more build room. Check out our numerous vaping equipment, large selection of cottons and wires (including pre-built coils), and a variety of drip tips made from various materials for amazing vaping flavor! 1*Kennedy RDA (Content 1*Kennedy RDA (Content 1*K Edition 24 Style Deeply Engraved a two-pole 24 millimeters Characteristics Stainless steel drip tip (no o-ring) that can be removed a deep well of juice (approx. 6.5mm depth) For single or dual coil builds, the triple posts configuration is ideal. 510 threading connector for bottom airflow power The middle pin is solid copper. The overall diameter is 24mm.