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Kenneth W. Smith was born in Waukee, Iowa, and attended Iowa State University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture in 1976. After graduation, he apprenticed with sculptor Paul Shao and worked as a Parks and Recreation Planner for the Iowa Conservation Commission. He earned his Master of Landscape Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design in 1986.
In 1992, he opened his own office, Ken Smith Workshop, in New York City, after working in the offices of Peter Walker and Martha Schwartz. Smith has taught as an adjunct professor at City College of New York from 1992 to 1996 and as a visiting design critic at Harvard Graduate School of Design from 1997 to the present.
Smith was inducted into the American Society of Landscape Architects as a Fellow in 2012. Smith is also a member of the Architectural League of New York’s board of directors, where he advocates for the preservation of progressive landscape architecture.

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You started construction on the massive 1,300-acre Orange Country Great Park a few years ago, which included a 2.5-mile canyon that was built. What are the most significant difficulties and opportunities that come with working on such a large scale?
For something so big, I believe it is simpler to come up with ideas and designs. The main obstacle, however, is staying on track with the project and finding out how to begin dealing with the political and financial problems that arise when orchestrating the construction and implementation. There are some things I would have liked to see much earlier in the implementation phase, but they are not feasible due to regulatory constraints. The most difficult part has been figuring out how to properly orchestrate the park and get it incorporated.
The Orange Country Great Park includes a wildlife park that will serve as a “ecological backbone.” How did you go about re-creating nature in this section of the park? What have been your environmental sustainability strategies?

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Ken Smith is a landscape designer and public artist who creates works ranging in size from small public sculptures to large parks. He’s known for his creative and innovative gardens and landscapes, some of which use very little natural plant material. Urban parks, streetscapes, plazas, gardens, public art commissions, memorials, museums and institutions, urban growth and multiuse projects, restoration of modern-era landscapes, waterfront planning and design, and residential projects are among his public, industrial, and private projects.

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Ken Smith Landscape ArchitectSHoP Architects designed it.

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United States of America Landscape as a genre Metal panel made of metal Precast concrete sheet with weathered steel wire mesh Renovation New York, Renovation New York, Renovation New York, Renovation New York, Renovation New York Revitalization of Public Space Parks is a category. Architecture of the Sea
The new eco-park and urban beach at Pier 35, designed by SHoP Architects and Ken Smith Workshop, will anchor the northern boundary of the East River esplanade project, offering much-needed outdoor space for the local community and serving as a creative habitat conservation park.
The pier has an accordion-like architecture that gives the impression of a “folded” landscape. A walkway is created by a series of landscaped lawns and dunes, while an inclined, plant-covered folded screen wall serves as a “green” billboard for the area. The screen wall, which reaches a height of 35 feet and stretches over 300 feet in length, effectively hides the adjacent Sanitation Department shed at Pier 36. The use of live materials like the metal screen and weathered steel wall panels harkens back to the East River’s past as a bustling waterfront.