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Keep It Simple’s meditations are a reliable companion for people at all stages of rehabilitation, bringing you back to the fundamentals of living a Twelve Step program. Each day’s recovery wisdom serves as an informative reminder to show up for yourself, your program, and your overall health on a regular basis.
These inspiring daily meditations give your spirit a sense of regular renewal, friendship, and new beginnings as you journey towards recovery with the Steps as your guideposts. Every page is a foundation for a new life, leading you to true wellness, personal development, and change in a way that complements the life-changing advice of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and other programs. Keep It Simple becomes the sustaining regular dose of support and motivation you can always rely on by delivering a year’s worth of encouragement, reflection, and prayer.
This recovery classic has been cherished by millions for decades and contains a wealth of information and advice. It’s your daily invitation to a practice of mindfulness, holistic healing, and addiction rehabilitation, weaving together traditional teachings and diverse voices.

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Each day of the year, God Grant Me…offers a meditation, prayer, and action. This meditation book is a steady spiritual companion for those on the often-tumultuous road to recovery.
God, please grant me daily meditations from the Keep It Simple writers. Each day of the year, God Grant Me…offers a meditation, prayer, and action. This meditation book is a steady spiritual companion for those on the often-tumultuous road to recovery. God Grant Me… speaks plainly to both beginners and old-timers in recovery, and was written by the writers of Keep It Easy, which has sold over two million copies. Readers will find motivation and strength to help them deal with recovery’s everyday difficulties, learning to live with more authenticity, kindness, laughter, appreciation, and awe.

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Daily Ponderings The 26th of November THE VALUE OF SOBRIETY Any A.A. community should be fully self-sufficient, with no outside funding. -PAGE 160, TWELVE AND TWELVE TRADITIONS When I go shopping, I examine the prices and, if I need the item, I purchase it and pay for it. Now that I’m going to be in care,… [Continue reading…]
Daily Reflections for November 19th “I WAS Rapidly SLIPPING” We A.A.s are engaged people who appreciate the satisfactions of coping with life’s realities… As a consequence, it’s not shocking that we sometimes ignore meaningful meditation and prayer as unnecessary. -PAGE 96 with TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS I’d been straying from the curriculum… [Continue reading…]

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This daily meditation book, which was first published in 1989 by Hazelden and is aimed at members of Alcoholics Anonymous, is organized somewhat differently from the other books on the market.

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The Action Item that is noticed on each day is the main difference that I see in this book. Every regular reading includes a meditation, a prayer, and a call to action. Today’s Course of Action. Items to consider as action items include:
These are fantastic, in my opinion.
Some people consider this book to be a little too “simplistic.”
If you’ve been sober for a while and want to improve your mental sobriety, strengthen your spiritual bond, or focus on other problems, this may be the case.
At its most basic level, however, the book is perfect for someone new to recovery or who is trying to restart or renew their program.
I also wouldn’t let the fact that it’s a “AA” book put you off because they use the words “addiction” and “addict” interchangeably in the book.
This book does a great job of keeping things straightforward, so if that’s your aim, you should check it out.