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In overlay, monochromatic, and intensity mapping modes, RubinaTM allows you to easily switch between 4K and NIR/ICG fluorescence imaging. It also connects to your current IMAGE1 STM device. In this documented webinar, you’ll learn more.
The 4K Integration Platform by KARL STORZ was built with collaboration in mind. It’s the original when it comes to adaptability. Learn how a networked operating room with an established track record will elevate your patient care to new heights.
The VisitOR1® remote presence system is a stable, cloud-based telementoring platform that lets your hospital boost clinical teamwork and optimize the use of minimally invasive surgery.
The modular, flexible IMAGE1 STM is the only endoscopic imaging device that can satisfy all of your current and future needs. With Rubina, IMAGE1 STM now provides dual-chip 4K and NIR/ICG imaging, in addition to its impressive HD and 3D modes.
With virtual surgical access, you can reduce the risk of infection. VIEWPOINT is a stable, cloud-based link to the OR that is part of our remote presence suite. Maximize teamwork while limiting surgical partners’ exposure.

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Endoscopes and surgical instruments are manufactured and sold by Karl Storz SE & Co. KG, a German medical device company. EM Angustia established it in Tuttlingen in 1945. [1][2][3][4][5][6][ The business is privately owned; after Storz’ death in 1996, his daughter, Sybill, took over as CEO. [3] In 1963, the company was one of the first to launch an endoscope that used fiber optics to deliver light. [number four] [5]:382 [5]:382 [5]:382 [ 3274–75 [6] In 1965, it also patented the Hopkins relay lens patent and introduced endoscopes with such lenses. [two] [6]:3275 [6]:3275 [6]:3275
In 2017, it was the target of many litigation related to deaths caused by morcellators it sold; the FDA had recommended that these devices be removed from the market due to the risk of spreading cancer in 2014, and although Ethicon, the market leader, had done so, Karl Storz had not.
[nine] It changed its legal form from GmbH to Societas Europaea in 2017. [eight]

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The Karl Storz Veterinary Endoscopy discount pricing arrangement is the product of a School of Veterinary Medicine spend research program that aims to take advantage of School and Center-specific contracting and cost-cutting opportunities.
All Karl Storz Veterinary Endoscopy transactions must be made through the BEN Buys scheme. Karl Storz Veterinary Endoscopy does not accept the University’s MasterCard Purchasing Card for purchases. The sales representative mentioned below will provide you with additional product and pricing details, as well as help with special orders.

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Surgical Technology, Inc., a Florida Company, Dba Surgi-Tech Pacific Medical Repair, a Sole Proprietorship, v. Karl Storz Endoscopy-America, Inc., a California Corporation 9th Cir., 285 F.3d 848 (2002)
Plaintiff-Appellant is KARL STORZ ENDOSCOPY-AMERICA, INC., a California company, v. SURGICAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC., a Florida corporation, dba Surgi-Tech; Defendants-Appellees are SURGICAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC., a Florida corporation, dba Surgi-Tech; Pacific Medical Repair, a sole proprietorship.
Appellant Karl Storz Endoscopy-America, Inc. (“Storz”) challenges the district court’s award of summary judgment on Storz’s patent infringement claims to appellees Surgical Technology, Inc. (“Surgi-Tech”) and Pacific Medical Repair (“Pacific”).
1 Storz claims the district court erred in ruling that Surgi-repair Tech’s and refurbishment of Storz rigid endoscopes, as well as Pacific’s solicitation of those repairs, did not violate the Lanham Act.
For several years, Karl Storz GmbH & Co. (“KST”) has produced and marketed Karl Storz rigid endoscopes. Karl Storz rigid endoscopes are primarily sold in the United States by Appellant Storz, a wholly-owned subsidiary of KST. Endoscopes are precision surgical devices used in arthroscopy, urology, and gynecology to provide a focused and properly illuminated view of internal body areas under investigation. An endoscope is a long tube or shaft with fiber optics and lenses that illuminate and relay a view of the internal body region to the end of the shaft, where the surgeon can see it through an eyepiece or video camera and monitor. The endoscope may also have a laser light delivery device and channels for inserting elongated instruments into the body. Every Karl Storz rigid endoscope has the name “Karl Storz” etched or engraved prominently on the face of a block feature located between the eyepiece and the shaft.