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Phi theta kappa: leading the way

At our chapter, scholarship is very significant, and members are rewarded for good academic performance as well as helped when they are in need. For membership, we have a minimum GPA requirement of 2.5, and programs are available through our chapter and the school for those who do not meet this requirement. Gamma deuteron chapter consistently outperforms the campus’s All Sorority Average and continues to lead the pack among sororities by consistently ranking in the top three for grades per semester. Members have two instructional days every semester to skip a chapter or other occurrence due to class or schoolwork, so they don’t feel obligated to come to Theta before school. Girls are interested in majors around the board, resulting in a very dynamic environment in which everybody can learn and receive advice. Our members are committed to doing their best in and out of the classroom, and the Gamma deuteron chapter takes scholarship very seriously. Every semester, a scholarship banquet is held at which girls are honored for accomplishments such as Dean’s List, highest GPA, and most improved. The coveted scholarship pearl is a genuine pearl given to a couple of girls each semester for outstanding academic achievement (a 4.0 GPA). Many of the women in our chapter strive to strike a balance between their academics, campus engagement, and leadership positions.

Why you should accept membership in ptk

For anyone, there is a scholarship (or many scholarships) available. Every student possesses some talent, interest, experience, or other characteristic that makes them a desirable candidate for one or more scholarships. Scholarships are not free money, despite the fact that we sometimes refer to them as such. It takes time and effort to think about your strengths and study the scholarships that would be the best fit for you. Although finding and earning scholarships can seem like a part-time task, we at College Coach want to make it a little easier for you. Every week, a new scholarship is featured in this ongoing scholarship series. Check out the links below, as well as the other articles in the series, to see if you can find a funding source that will help you pay for college a little (or a lot!) easier.
Theta, or Kappa Alpha Theta, was the first women’s Greek letter fraternity. Leading Women is their mantra, and they live up to it, as shown by this scholarship for aspiring female leaders.

Understanding phi theta kappa honor society

MEMBERSHIP POLICIES: Kappa Alpha Theta accepts college women as members, in compliance with the Fraternity’s rules, regardless of color, gender, national origin, age, disability, or other protected characteristics under applicable law. Kappa Alpha Theta’s founders struggled for inclusion in a hostile educational and social climate as some of the first women to attend college. Our goal is to provide opportunities for intellectual and personal development to women throughout their lives. Kappa Alpha Theta is open to anyone who identifies as a womxn (i.e., transgender womxn, non-binary, etc.).
ADA ACCESSIBILITY: We work closely with our facility board, and we will make accommodations as long as they are shared. We have amenities such as a live-in accessible bed, an entrance, and more.
SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: The Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation helps hundreds of women per year by awarding more than $700,000 in scholarships to help them pursue their academic goals. The minimum scholarship reward from Theta Foundation is $1,000, and each scholarship is made possible by generous donors. Scholarship applications are usually due in March each year, and awards are made in June for the following academic year. Eligibility: Initiated members of Kappa Alpha Theta, both college and alumnae, in good standing with the Fraternity. New members are welcome to apply, but they must do so by the application deadline. Visit https://www.kappaalphatheta.org/foundation/scholarships-grants/scholarships for more details.

Theta foundation’s 2014-15 scholarship

The Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation is dedicated to upholding and expanding the Theta values of highest scholarship, greatest goodwill, and devotion. This contribution and our efforts to help the Fraternity and its members in their activities are reflected in our grant and scholarship funds.
Theta Foundation assumes all administrative burdens associated with accepting and acknowledging tax-deductible donations, while each founding donor is responsible for all fundraising activities required to create a fund (with approval from Theta Foundation’s executive director).
Scholarship funds offer financial assistance to eligible collegian and alumnae Thetas participating in undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The most pressing need right now is scholarship funding for any eligible Theta, regardless of chapter, field of study, or hometown. Educational Scholarship Endowment Funds (ESEFs) are kept in perpetuity, while non-endowed funds are spent after all scholarship funding is awarded.