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kale chips in the air fryer – As you all know, I adore my airfryer for a variety of reasons, but one of my favorites is making perfect kale chips every time. UNIQUE. NOW IS THE TIME. Isn’t it true that this is my favorite reason? I realize I can eat my greens, but I’m a foodie, and I won’t unless they’re delicious. Guys, homemade kale chips are the way to go. They have a lot of greens and are a very portable vegetable. #victory
This is the oh-so-easy recipe. Yeah, they can be made in the oven. That’s what I did in my stories a few weeks ago. I prefer the airfryer for even crispiness, but the oven will suffice if you arrange them in a single layer and keep an eye on them.

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My kids can eat an entire head of kale cooked this way in less than five minutes. And, unlike potato chips, kale chips maintain their nutritious value. Kale is rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamin A, calcium, B vitamins, vitamin C, and potassium, among other nutrients. It’s fat-free and sodium-free, and the teeny-tiny quantities of olive oil and salt in my recipe barely lift those figures.
Try furikake kale chips for something a little different. If you’re not familiar with this Japanese seasoning, it’s made up of tiny seaweed pieces mixed with sesame seeds, salt, and sugar, as well as other ingredients like flaked bonito. It can be found in most supermarkets’ Asian aisles or at any Asian grocery store. It’s meant for rice, but it’s delicious on everything. With a sprinkling of furikake, you and your kale chips will be whisked away to Japan.

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Kale is one of the greens you can drink the most, but you might not be familiar with it. You don’t like it or can’t get your kids to eat it because the taste is so good. Don’t be concerned! This kale recipe will make you crave kale in ways you never imagined possible.
In a large mixing bowl, position the kale. Blend the remaining ingredients until smooth, then pour over the kale. With your palms, massage the kale. Place on dehydrator trays and dehydrate for 8 hours or so at 130°. If you don’t have a dehydrator, you can use a low-temperature oven instead ( 150-180 ). Check on them every few hours until they’re dry and crispy.
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Kale chips are one of my favorite snacks. Since I was addicted to potato chips, I was overjoyed to hear about these. It’s a little too greasy, but it’s tasty. Your low-salt recipes are also fantastic. I find it difficult to give up salt, so your recipes are delicious and I’m eating less salt!! Thank you very much!!