Johnson school weymouth ma

Johnson school weymouth ma

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Overview of the School The 193 students at Johnson Early Childhood Center have been relatively stable over the last five years. Over the course of five school years, the teacher population of 12 has increased by 20%. Grades Available Classifications Kindergarten is the first year of elementary school. Total Number of Students: 193
Comparative Analysis of Schools
Johnson Early Childhood Center has a diversity ranking of 0.49, which is lower than the state average of 0.59. For the last five years, the school’s diversity has remained relatively constant.
Reduced Lunch Eligibility (04-05)
5% of one percent
In school, Testing at the state level Take a look at the test results from the Department of Education. Name of the School District Weymouth School District is a public school district in Weymouth, Massachusetts 2017-2018 (source) (latest school year available) NCES, Massachusetts Department of Education, March 16, 2021 In the Detroit Public Schools System, vocational programs are in jeopardy. The closing of five career programs in the Detroit Public School system is in jeopardy. What does this mean for the students who are taking part?

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Divide the total number of students by the total number of full-time equivalent teachers to get the student/teacher ratio. Please keep in mind that a lower student-to-teacher ratio does not always imply a smaller class size. Schools occasionally employ part-time teachers, and some teachers are hired for specialized teaching with limited class sizes. The student-to-teacher ratio is determined by these and other factors. Pre-Kindergarten may not be included of the student/teacher ratio in private schools.

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The result? Accurate comparisons between colleges, school districts, and communities in the same (or different) areas, as well as between schools in different states.
It is well known that the standard of education offered by public schools differs dramatically from one school district to the next, as well as from one city to the next. Furthermore, within any city or area, the standard of a child’s education can differ significantly from neighborhood to neighborhood.

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The Johnson Elementary School, in Weymouth City, Massachusetts, is a publicly funded school district that serves Norfolk County students. In Norfolk County, public schools provide K-12 education at elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. The public school system adheres to Massachusetts state public education laws, providing a tuition-free education to all children residing within the district’s borders.
Enrollment in Weymouth Town Public Schools
Norfolk District, Weymouth, Weymouth, Weymouth, Weymouth, Weymouth, Weymouth, Wey
Enrollment in Nursery and Preschool423 (46.2 percent )
4,826 people (36.9 percent )
Enrollment in Kindergarten (Kindergarten)442 (79.1 percent )
7 011 (87.0 percent )
Enrollment in Elementary Schools (Grades 1-4)
2 066 (86.5 percent )
a total of 29,266 (90.4 percent )
Enrollment in Primary Schools (Grades 5-8)
a total of 1,879 (83.7 percent )
30.891 (87.7 percent )
Enrollment in High School (Grades 9-12)
2,237 people (84.3 percent )
31.035% Down (81.9 percent )
Educational Attainment in Weymouth Town (Age 25+)
Norfolk District, Weymouth, Weymouth, Weymouth, Weymouth, Weymouth, Weymouth, Wey
Educated to the ninth grade or less
a total of 848 (2.1 percent )
12,826 people (2.6 percent )
9th to 12th Grade (No Diploma)
a total of 945 (4.7 percent )
17,077 people (3.5 percent )
Graduated from high school (Including Equivalency)
a total of 11,558 (28.0 percent )
a total of 95,171 (19.5 percent )