Jenny thomas long lost family

Jenny thomas long lost family

Woman discovers her biological mom actually worked with

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Jenny Thomas has been aware of her adoption since she was four years old. With little detail about her birth mother (other than the fact that she was from Rochester, NY, where Thomas, 40, still resides), she would find herself peering into the faces of people, wondering if any of them might be her mother.
Thomas uncovered the truth about her birth mother after spending more than 15 years intermittently attempting to track her down on the Internet. It wasn’t until she signed up for the new TLC reality show “Long Lost Family” that she discovered the truth: she had not only seen but also served with her birth mother for two years.
When Thomas first saw her mother’s picture, she says, “I was just in shock.” “For so many years, I had looked in so many faces, [thinking] ‘Could that be her?’ Is she staring at me because she recognizes who I am?’ I’d been staring at the woman who used to refer to me as her daughter the whole time.
When Thomas was working part-time as a patient care technician at a Rochester hospital and her mother, Nita Valdez, was a patient transporter, the two women met. They worked together on a daily basis to transport patients from their rooms to outpatient therapy, and although Thomas claims they got along well, she never felt a physical or emotional bond between them.

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Jenny Thomas spent years searching for her birth mother, only to find out she had spent two years working with her (Picture: TLC)

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After more than 15 years of searching, a woman discovered that she had been working with her biological mother for two years.
Long Lost Family, a new TLC show, premieres on Sunday (Picture: TLC)
Jenny discovered after years of searching that she had not only met her mother 10 years earlier in a New York hospital, but had also worked closely with her for two years.

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“I’ve always had that in the back of my mind,” says the author “Thomas stated his opinion. “Is she familiar with my name? Is she staring at me because I seem to be someone she knows? Is it possible that I should switch so she can get a better look? And if anyone approached, she would inquire, “Did you adopt me?” And that aha moment will be it. For me, that was the norm.”
“Never in a million years would I have guessed that the woman who was my mother was just an arm’s length away,” says the author “Thomas stated his opinion. “For a couple of years, she was right next to me, working side by side with me, chatting and laughing with me. Seeing her as a coworker, but also as a pleasant person with whom I worked, someone who I was happy to see because she was a hard worker.”
“It was right here. It’s the realization of a dream I’ve had for a long time. And I was speechless because I was in awe. When it comes to something so gripping, so life-altering, there are a lot of emotions.”
That, according to Thomas, has yet to be explicitly addressed. Nita Valdez, her birth mother, felt overwhelmed and took a step back after the show’s reunion, she says. We reached out to Valdez for comment, but he did not respond.