Jean trends fall 2015

Jean trends fall 2015

Fashion lookbook 2016 – jeans style

Disobedience in terms of style. This irreverence is the starting point for looks in which the woman seizes, interprets, and usurps moments of masculine ritual, such as the barbershop’s off-limits territory, and rises with the elegance of a gentleman’s club in this opulent environment.
This sets off an intrusive encounter between genders, with extremely feminine shapes embracing and overlapping with powerful masculine forms, avoiding any gesture of courtesy that might change to create a gentle silhouette.
As the extreme SHE opposes the extreme HE, the conflict is immediate, even aggressive, and any effort to seek a compromise or find a middle ground is obliterated. This isn’t a game of personality, but rather a recognition of the fickle existence of things.
With its gaudy and vibrant decorum adorning the set, from overcoats to socks to ribbed fur, the Himalayan yak, polyvalent pillar and essential resource for the entire nation, transforms into a pop icon.
The heterogeneous layering of fabrics and shapes, inspired by high-altitude landscapes, is a practical process rooted in nomadic culture that initially deceives with its sense of randomness but is quickly revealed by its high aesthetic quotient. The rapid accumulation of volume and knotted belts demonstrate stylistic chaos.

Enjoy some cool blue with bogner jeans’ summer 2015

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Denim guide: 5 styles for fall 2020 trends


Styling fall fashion trends!

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Denim lookbook! | fall outfits 2015

If fashion’s renewed interest in all things seventies has taught us something, it’s that a little of the decade’s laid-back sartorial spirit will go a long way in terms of positive vibes. A devil-may-care assortment of patches, for example, can add personality to a regular blue jean jacket. Although you may rummage through the stands at your local flea market for deadstock finds, we respectfully suggest you start with your Instagram feed. A new generation of designers is making designs that are works of art in and of themselves, far from the patch’s novelty roots. Need more proof of the trend’s validity in the twenty-first century? The eclectic mood of the catwalks is reflected in these pieces: Alessandro Michele, the master of mishmash, adorned one of Resort’s corduroy jackets with assorted bees and badges, while Jonathan Anderson and co. stitched rocket ships to tops, bags, and trousers in Loewe’s new menswear offering. Hedi Slimane most opulently riffed on the DIY ethos of patches with a men’s bomber encrusted with dozens upon dozens of them. We’ve compiled a list of six accounts you should be following to get the most out of your patch. To see them all, go to the top of the page. patches on cotton

Denim trends | chicpeek ep 64

Nothing describes us as a society more than denim when it comes to fashion. It’s not an exaggeration to say that no other work can conjure up images of America and its storied factions quite like this: Greasers, cowboys, hippies, rappers, rockers, and punks all put their own spin on the classic. And we’re all as attached to our own denim interpretations today.
Given the sheer variety of styles available to us right now, it’s no surprise that jeans have developed into wear-anywhere staples over the last decade or so, rather than the simple, casual, anti-establishment option they once were. Denim has evolved to a whole new, staggeringly wide stage, with everything from shorts and skirts to colored and artfully printed trousers, not to mention worn-in jackets, vests, and dresses.
However, every now and then, it’s worth revisiting the tried-and-true blue jean—the piece that began it all. Although we’ll never get tired of our favorite blue skinnies or basic boyfriend models, it’s worth experimenting with the latest blue jean silhouettes that have emerged for Fall 2015, both on the runway and on the street. We’ve got a lot to work with thanks to cropped flares, unflattering-on-purpose “wife” cuts, and a serious bell bottom revamp.

How to wear mom jeans | trend takeout | refinery29

I don’t know about you, but finding the perfect pair of jeans, along with a good career and owning a home, is one of my ultimate life goals, and it’s always on my mind when I’m out shopping. With all the frayed edges, patchwork, and big cuffed hems, I love how the trendy denim is getting less distressed, less slim, looser, more high waisted, and a lot more exciting every year. Skinny jeans aren’t going anywhere, but isn’t it nice to wear something that makes you feel less self-conscious and, dare I say, cooler? Broad leg denim, cropped flares, and mom jeans are my favorites.
While I wait for the (hopefully) right pair of denims to arrive, here’s a little bit of inspiration and advice on where to find cool jeans for fall and winter in case you’re looking for something similar.
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