International institute for healthcare professionals

International institute for healthcare professionals

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The right training ground is the first step toward progress and achievement. The IIHCP Midwifery Program is housed in a prestigious healthcare learning institute in Boca Raton, Florida. For more than a decade, the IIHCP’s Midwifery Program has provided outstanding training and instruction to midwifery students.
We teach our students the vital skills they need to succeed in the midwifery profession, and we do so with a mission to help them learn, develop, and practice. Our graduates are Florida-licensed midwives who then take the national NARM exam to become Accredited Skilled Midwives.
We not only teach how to perform, but also how to be compassionate. Send our office a call at 561-394-5822 to learn more about the Midwifery Program choices that IIHCP Midwifery Program has to offer.

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The Frankfurt School of Finance and Management’s Institute for International Health Management (IIHM) is a globally recognized center of excellence in international health management. The scientists at the IIHM concentrate their research efforts on international aspects of healthcare system and market environments, processes, and management approaches.
The centre collaborates closely with various corporate partners during scientific research and academic fields. The practical needs of the health-care industry are prioritized as a result of these collaborations.
Aside from study, the IIHM offers an MBA in International Healthcare Management to future experts and managers. Furthermore, International Health Management counts the generation and grouping of scientific know-how in the field, as well as the development of an international expert’s network from science, study, practice, politics, and associations. The institute has a worldwide unique positioning because of its multinational and management-oriented orientation.

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IICEP is a non-political, non-sectarian, and non-profit professional organization whose primary purpose is to uphold and develop standards for coaches, instructors, teachers, counsellors, lecturers, educational administrators, school owners/managers, and all educationists.
Universities, Institutes, Colleges, Consultants, and Facilitators interested in forming an international collaboration or receiving center approval from Yahweh Hills University should submit an expression of interest to:[email protected]
Alternatively, you may send a message to our Whatsapp party.
PETOG is a licensed Institute and a training center for post-secondary education that has recently been upgraded to prepare prospective learners for their various disciplines and professions. PETOG Institute serves as a resource center for related organizations both within and outside the country. We provide training at an international level and grant internationally recognised certificates. We deliver manpower with a wide range of credentials, expertise, and abilities thanks to our team of well-trained and experienced employees. At the Institute’s location, we train with our fully equipped facility.

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Allied health care training in Boca Raton is provided by medical schools in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area. Certified nursing assistant (CNA) program in Boca Raton, midwifery certification in Palm Beach County, massage therapy credential in South Florida near Miami, FL.
Boca Raton: International Institute for Health Care Professionals.
International Institute for Health Care Professionals (IIHCP) is a leading Allied Health Care training school located in Boca Raton, FL, just 45 minutes from Miami and 25 minutes from Fort Lauderdale. Nursing Assistant, Medical Assistant, Massage Therapist, Surgical Technician, Midwifery, and other healthcare credential programs are available via IIHCP. The Institute encourages and challenges students to expand their health-care expertise and skills in order to pursue careers as health-care providers. Please send us an email by clicking here. Our Purpose: The International Institute for Health Care Professionals, Inc.’s mission is to provide educational opportunities for personal and professional growth in the health care sector. The Institute encourages and challenges students to expand their health-care expertise and skills in order to pursue careers as health-care providers.