Indentation in thigh muscle

Indentation in thigh muscle

Dent in thigh muscle cancer

Tonight, I found an indentation in my lower outer calf muscle. I initially mistook it for a funny impression from lying on the sofa, but three hours later I realize it’s just a big indent… In my lower back, there is a horizontal and 1-1.5cm vertical “divot” in the high muscle about 7cm below the top of my pelvic crest. It’s in a nearly horizontal line about 5+cm above and slightly above and… View the solution
I found an indentation on the outer side of my left thigh muscle a few weeks ago.
Indentations on the backs of both calf muscles are present in the next… Every week, I devote one hour to yoga. I don’t slant… View the solution
I have really large horizontal indents in the middle of my upper calf muscles… I have fibromyalgia, but I’m not sure I agree. Is it possible that these indents are caused by fibromyalgia, or is it… View the solution
Hello, I have an 11-inch long horizontal crease/indentation right above my belly button. I assume it is due to biology, but it is distinct. I’m trying to do some muscle conditioning and it’s just not working out for me… View the solution

Dent in thigh muscle after trauma

Leg to the right Bruises were gone, but there was a big horizontal lump on my right thigh that looked like a dent. It’s been a month, and the bursitis in my right hip is getting worse, with pain… View the solution
My inner thigh has a bulge next to it. There is no discomfort. It appears that a dent was made… into an apartment with stairs on the inside, which I visit. I found an indentation after I moved in… View the solution
Greetings, Doctor I had a horizontal pressure at the back of my left thigh 15 days ago. It hurts when I sprint upstairs, lean over, or kick football with my legs up in the air. A colleague of mine… View the solution
Hello, I have a bruise-like pain in my left outer thigh where my masseur attempted to break down a knot, right now I am in pain and it is lumpy to the touch, no bruise, it feels like an indentation on the… View the solution
Hello, my masseur tried to break down a knot on my outer left thigh, which hurt, and now it’s lumpy and feels like an indentation on the muscle; it’s a little sore like a bruise, but there’s no noticeable bruising… View the solution

Dent in thigh muscle with pain

I’ve worked out for years and years … but I lost a lot of muscle mass when I got pregnant. Following my pregnancy, I resumed my daily workout workouts and began gaining muscle. Squats are strengthening my quadriceps, but I’ve recently found an indent/inward curve on the outer frontside of both upper thighs, just below where my palms rest while my arms are down. I’m not talking about the normal indentation that runs down the length of your leg; the ‘dents’ are parallel to the ground. Is it just a matter of losing more weight? Is it necessary for me to use the foam roller? I’d never seen anything like this before. Anyone know what I’m talking about? Has anyone seen or heard what I’m talking about? a total of 7 comments 60 percentsharesavehidereport Voted up This discussion has been closed. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast Sort by the strongest.

Circular dent in thigh

Although this is unlikely to be your problem, I’ll share this anecdote just in case: I have a funny “dent” on the outside of my right leg. It’s not as noticeable as yours, but I’ve been curious about it, so I did some Googling. Many people, it seems, have this experience when they repeatedly lean against the same hard edge. (Think of the edge of a bathroom or kitchen counter, a desk, and so on.) I figured this was nuts before I got to work the next day and discovered that the counter next to my standing desk hits EXACTLY where my muscle dent is. I’ve managed to avoid leaning against it, and I’m hoping the dent will fix itself over time! on August 4, 2017 at 7:21 PM by leftover scrabble rack [One of my favorites]
It looks like you have substantial muscle wastage in that quad for some reason. I’d see a sports medicine doctor or a reputable sports physiotherapist. However, it’s usually a nerve or vascular problem.
I have a similar but much smaller dent in my calf that has been there since childhood and is apparently just a little piece of missing muscle that I was born with. I’m well aware that it’s much more visible when I’m fit and lean. posted by fshgrl on August 4, 2017 at 7:33 PM