Indentation in thigh causes

Indentation in thigh causes

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Pitting edema, which you describe as a deep indentation on your leg, may be the cause. Furthermore, the suffocating sensation and phlegm may suggest that the furosemide is inadequate to remove the excess fluid from your body at this time. Any of these may be signs or symptoms that the heart disease is worsening. You should schedule an appointment with your doctor right away. It’s normal to feel as if you’re sinking from inside as your heart failure worsens. This does not have to be a long-term sensation. You must see the doctor as soon as possible. If you are having severe respiratory problems and cannot see a doctor right away, go to the nearest hospital emergency room so that the symptoms can be treated more vigorously. You should ask your doctor for a referral to a dietician once your symptoms have improved. Simple dietary changes can aid in the management of heart failure.”
When people’s legs swell due to heart failure, they can press into their skin, leaving fingermarks. However, this can occur in a number of cases, including late pregnancy, liver disease/cirrhosis, and basic venous insufficiency.

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I sometimes go into an apartment with stairs on the inside. I found an indentation on my thigh about 2 inches above my knee that was the size of an egg in circumphrence and maybe 1/8 inch deep after I moved in. There you have it… View the solution
Hello, I have a bruise-like pain in my left outer thigh after my masseur tried to break down a knot there, right now I’m in pain and it’s lumpy to the touch, no bruise, just an indentation on the muscle… View the solution
Hello, the skin between my thigh and testicles becomes moist and cracks, causing discomfort, and I also see flakes on my testicles and thigh, causing odor. I am 27 years old and have had this problem for a few years. View the solution
Both my right and left thighs have indentations in the same place. When you look at it, it’s evident, and when you feel the thigh with your palm, it’s even more so. There is no discomfort or pain. What are the chances… View the solution

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Tonight, I found an indentation in my lower outer calf muscle. I initially mistook it for a funny impression from lying on the sofa, but three hours later I realize it’s just a big indent… In my lower back, there is a horizontal and 1-1.5cm vertical “divot” in the high muscle about 7cm below the top of my pelvic crest. It’s in a nearly horizontal line about 5+cm above and slightly above and… View the solution
What might be the source of a big indentation in my right calf muscle? I should also mention that nearly every night, I get serious “Charlie horses” in my right foot. With COPD and Asthma, my wellbeing isn’t perfect… View the solution
I have really large horizontal indents in the middle of my upper calf muscles… I have fibromyalgia, but I’m not sure I agree. Is it possible that these indents are caused by fibromyalgia, or is it… View the solution
Hello, I have an 11-inch long horizontal crease/indentation right above my belly button. I assume it is due to biology, but it is distinct. I’m trying to do some muscle conditioning and it’s just not working out for me… View the solution

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Cellulite is a common problem that many people face as they get older. This can irritate some people, especially those who are self-conscious about their appearance. If you’re dealing with cellulite, you should know how to get rid of it.
You shouldn’t be concerned if you get dents in your thighs or other parts of your body because they’re harmless. Some cellulite treatment choices, on the other hand, will help you live a healthy lifestyle and improve your quality of life.
Cellulite occurs as a series of dimples on the skin. The buttocks and thighs, especially around the sides and back, are the most common sites for it to appear. It can affect both men and women, but because of the way fat and muscle are distributed in their bodies, it is more common in women.
Thanks to its texture, some people refer to cellulite as orange-peel skin or cottage-cheese skin. Cellulite has an orange-peel look as it first forms, and as it progresses, it takes on a cottage-cheese appearance.