Indentation in calf muscle

Indentation in calf muscle

Permanent dent in leg

If you’ve recently lost body fat, and particularly if you’ve been exercising more, and you’ve noticed a dent or two in your calves… This is the outcome of your weight loss and exercise!
Since muscle definition changes over time as a result of changing eating patterns, changing exercise habits, and other factors affecting body shape and appearance, such as water retention.
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Indent in calf muscle after injury

I’ve had a slight dent in my lower calf for nearly a year (forget how long, at least 8 months), approximately where the calf muscle interacts with the Achilles tendon. When it first appeared, I had constant sharp pain for three days (the pain lasted about 20 seconds each time), but the pain went away before I saw a doctor. Since then, I’ve had a 1cm dent next to the tendon, thicker at the bottom, and it always looks blue at the end of the day.
The clinical symptom of an Achilles tendon rupture is usually a dent or a’step’ in the tendon. If you can still plantar flex your foot (i.e. point your foot down), the tendon isn’t totally ruptured, and you can generally forget it as long as there’s no discomfort.
I had this happen to me at the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009. And after seeing a doctor and getting a scan, I had no idea what it was. I didn’t write something because I wasn’t sure if I was completely diagnosed (waiting for someone else to post with more accurate diagnosis). Over the course of several weeks, the area of the calf had turned several different colors, had a large dent that even wife could see from across the room, and was almost on crutches at one point. I ended up not running for almost two months, then running/walking and gradually increasing my mileage. As a personal trainer, I knew that total inactivity was the worst thing to do, so my therapy included calf raises (began with no weight and gradually increased), deep stretching to meet the soleus, foam roller, RICE, massage, Motrin, and a few treatments from a physical therapist. When I was first able to walk, then run, I bought new shoes and spent a lot of time on softer paths rather than pavement. It took a long time to come back around, but it did. I’ve now run 100+ miles for ten months in a row. Until Tuesday, at least, when I pulled a groin muscle on a trail run while jumping a creek. Oh, my goodness! HM is 1 1/2 weeks out. I went for a light walk/jog today and felt much better. By the way, I could do calf raises with little to no pain when I had this calf issue, but I could barely walk. Be cautious; don’t be misled into thinking that all is fine; take it easy for a while or things will not improve.

Indentation in leg above ankle

Let’s presume this past summer… I was at the lake with some friends about July. We had anchored a pontoon boat and were floating and drinking. We couldn’t get back in because the pontoon boat didn’t have a ladder, so we had to pull each other up onto the boat. Two of my friends were pulling me in, but one of them let go before I could get all the way up, and I slammed my leg against the side of the boat. It hurt, but I was buzzed enough that it didn’t bother me. But I had a huge bruise there for over a month, and I still have a dent in my leg muscle from hitting it against the boat. Is there a reason to be worried about this? Is it ever going to fill up again? TL;DR version My leg slammed into the side of the port, causing a permanent dent in my muscle. There are 15 comments. 80 percent sharesavehidereport Voted up This discussion has been closed. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

Dent in calf muscle when flexed

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