Hyde park christian school

Hyde park christian school

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Shipe built a school at Speedway between 38th and 39th avenues, anticipating that families considering building in Hyde Park would want one nearby. He built it out of timber from an old fairground grandstand, and he paid the teachers’ salaries himself the first year it was open. Shipe also donated land for the construction of an interdenominational church at Guadalupe and 39th Street, which later became the Hyde Park Christian Church.
Col. Shipe relocated Speedway Street to 40th and Avenue B in an attempt to rid Hyde Park of its only saloon, which was prohibited by statute from operating within a certain distance of a church. In 1921, the structure was relocated to 3913 Avenue B, where it now serves as the Hyde Park Presbyterian Church.
In 1909, work on the second Hyde Park Baptist Church began. According to the Austin Statesman, the new structure would cost $15,000, and “special exercises were conducted to mark the breaking of ground for the house.”
On the first Sunday in May, 1911, the congregation of the Hyde Park Christian Church posed for this portrait. The church building, which was originally located at 39th and Guadalupe, was relocated and expanded in 1910 to 4115 Avenue D.

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We are ordinary citizens, your friends, dealing with ordinary problems and working together as a group to make a real difference in the world.

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We are a group that embraces and honors each and every person as a child of God, despite our theological and cultural diversity.

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ABOUT OUR CHURCHHyde Park Christian Church is a vibrant place where people can worship and develop in their faith. We’re a fun, responsive, and accepting congregation. Here in the heart of Austin, Texas, we’ve been sharing Christian love and fellowship for over a century.
We believe in Christ’s universal love and strive to emulate it by fostering tolerance, striving to spread God’s love around the world through mission and outreach programs, and empowering our members to follow Christ’s example in their personal lives. >> LEARN MORE >> ACCESSORIES

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Hyde Park High School was founded in 1980 and is affiliated with the Baptist denomination.
[requires citation] Hyde Park has a Christian values-based college preparatory curriculum.
Hyde Park High School is an Austin, Texas-based ministry of Hyde Park Baptist Church. 11400 N. Mopac is the address for the high school in Austin, Texas. The total number of students enrolled is between 200 and 300. In the fall of 2009, it relocated to this site. The Elementary and Middle School campuses were previously located at 3901 Speedway. Bob Edd Shotwell, who also founded Hyde Park Baptist Elementary in 1968, founded it in 1980.
The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), the Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools (SBACS), and the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools have all approved the school as a member (TAPPS).
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Mrs Goodall and Miss Hughes took the Visual Arts students in years 11 and 12 to see the Art Express show at the Art Gallery of NSW on Tuesday. Art Express is an international exhibition that features the best works from the HSC Visual Arts program. The students heard talks from the curator as well as four students whose work is included in this year’s exhibition. The students were able to hear and see firsthand the challenges and triumphs of young artists just like them who had to persevere and work hard to produce a good Body of Work. The teachers led the students in a drawing exercise in Hyde Park after seeing the exhibition and having lunch in the Domain gardens. It was an incredible and inspiring day that the students would remember for months.