How to prepare for mtel sei test

How to prepare for mtel sei test

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The Massachusetts Exam for Educator Licensure (MTEL) is a vital part of the certification process. All CES Licensure programs require successful completion of the Communication and Literacy MTEL, and licensure-specific exams must be passed before candidates can begin the Practicum. These assessments are available all year at locations around Massachusetts and are designed to determine applicants’ communication skills as well as their knowledge of the licensure area’s subject matter. They are made up of a mix of multiple choice and open-response questions.
MTEL test preparation experts have posted a variety of YouTube videos to help you study for the exam. These brief videos will assist you in preparing for a variety of MTEL exams. Go to www.youtube.com and type “MTEL test prep” into the search box.

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Teachers in Massachusetts must obtain certification in order to teach English Language Learners (ELLs, students whose native language is not English). The state developed a course (RETELL) to address this, but it’s been described as a nightmare and a lot of effort. Passing a teacher exam on Sheltered English Immersion is one way to get around this (SEI). And if the alternative is to give up Mondays for the rest of the fall semester or to spend half of the summer half-studying in my hammock… well, I took the SEI MTEL exam yesterday, and it sucked. The rest of this article is actually only of interest to teachers who are thinking about taking it themselves, so continue reading at your own risk of boredom.
I had no idea how to study. When I took the English MTEL, there was a list of hundreds of writers to be acquainted with, and because I didn’t have the time to read a book by any of them, I just Wikipedia-ed a few things to get by. The SEI’s test objectives included words to memorize, but the majority of the exam focused on learning how to answer in a classroom setting: “If you’re trying to teach this, what’s the best technique for ELLs?” Most questions can be thought through if you know best practices for ELLs. There were a few very basic questions about rules, such as “What does Title III of No Child Left Behind say?” and “What does Title III of No Child Left Behind say?” — but the pragmatic approach to language learning and the majority of my studying on morphemes and rhetorical registers were probably not helpful to my test-taking.

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But why do you have to take the MTEL exam in the first place? In Massachusetts, the MTEL is required in order to obtain a teaching license. You’ll want to prep for this exam because it’s both challenging and costly.
Unless you already have a license from another state, the MTEL is required for all licensure applicants to teach on the pre-K-12 levels. You may apply to have your licensure test scores transferred for exemption from taking the MTEL if you have obtained licensure in another state.
The Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure is a comprehensive examination that evaluates your skills in a variety of fields. All candidates must take the Communications and Literacy Skill MTEL exam, but there are also subject-specific subtests depending on what you want to teach. The Massachusetts Department of Education website has a complete list of subtests, as well as information about who can take them.
However, you’ll almost certainly need to take the MTEL subtest in the area in which you want to teach. If you want to teach social studies, for example, you must take the History/Social Sciences subtest. If you want to be able to teach Academically Advanced (AP/IB) classes, you’ll also need to take additional subtests.

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The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education launched the Massachusetts Assessments for Educator Licensure® (MTEL®) program in 1998 as part of a statewide education reform effort for educators seeking licenses from kindergarten to grade 12. Tests of communication and reading skills, as well as tests of subject matter awareness, are part of the MTEL curriculum. The assessments are designed to ensure that Massachusetts educators can interact efficiently with students, parents/guardians, and other educators, as well as that they are informed about the subject matter of the license they are pursuing. In November 2004, the MTEL curriculum was extended to include exams for applicants seeking licenses in vocational technical and adult basic education.
The MTEL assessments are designed to evaluate candidates’ ability to read with comprehension and write clearly, as well as their scope and depth of expertise in a range of subject areas. The majority of tests include both multiple-choice and open-response objects, which usually involve answers in the form of an essay or a problem-solving exercise. Listening and reading comprehension, as well as the ability to write efficiently and speak fluently in the language being studied, are all assessed in tests for languages other than English.