How to get high

How to get high

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Most people associate alcohol abuse or opioid addiction with people who binge drink, inject heroin, or smoke methamphetamine. However, the desire to get high can lead to people ingesting, snorting, or huffing normal, everyday things in order to numb their pain, relieve boredom, or avoid painful withdrawal symptoms. To the untrained eye, it can seem odd that some people believe that over-the-counter cough medicine or aerosol spray paint are capable of getting them high. Even a seemingly harmless object like a dry-erase marker can trigger euphoria.
Teenagers are the ones who attempt to get high with unusual things the most. Teens often lack the financial means to purchase expensive street drugs, or they lack the connections to obtain more potent drugs such as cocaine or marijuana. Instead, many teenagers and young adults can get high by using popular household products. Hand sanitizer is often consumed by people who are treated for alcohol-related problems to help them cope with withdrawal symptoms. The following are the most widely abused strange things to get high:

Your first time getting high

The most popular methods of getting high are well-known to most people. Millions of adults in the United States are dependent on heroin, prescription opioids, cocaine, and methamphetamine. However, for certain addicts and thrill seekers, the traditional path to getting high is insufficient, or possessing daily street drugs or alcohol is impossible.
Strange things have been abused by people for decades as a way to escape, get a rush, or avoid withdrawal symptoms in cases of opioid addiction. When it comes to getting high, there are a plethora of drugs that can be used to achieve this aim. When abused, common household products such as aerosol spray cans and even spices from the kitchen cabinet can change someone’s view. The top five odd ways people get high today are mentioned below.
The act of manipulating an inhalant to get high is known as huffing. Inhaling an inhalant is a simple and inexpensive way to achieve euphoria or have an otherworldly experience. Aerosol spray cans, markers, glue, paint thinner, nail polish remover, and lighter fluid are all examples of common things that can be huffed. When someone “huffs” something, they’re attempting to inhale the mind-altering chemical vapors it produces.

How to get high naturally

However, few parents are aware of the risks that their children face when they get high without using drugs or alcohol. There are several products found in the home that can trigger a dangerous high but are considered healthy and commonplace. Many parents are completely unaware of the dangers that these things pose.
If you have alcohol in your house, think about whether your child is drinking from the bottle and then refilling it with another liquid to keep the amount of liquor in the bottle the same. Alcohol can also be vaporized and smoked by children. They won’t smell like they’ve been drinking, but they’ll become very inebriated really easily.
While many of the items used to create these at-home highs are safe when used properly, they are also harmful when used to get high without drugs. The following are some of the dangers of getting high without using drugs:
Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to induce euphoria without using drugs. Without the use of medications, serotonin, dopamine, and other essential brain chemicals can be generated. When people learn how to get a balanced boost of dopamine or adrenaline that feels like a high, they also find that they no longer need a chemical high.

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