How to delete a sharepoint site

How to delete a sharepoint site

Delete sharepoint site without deleting group

You can need to remove a SharePoint subsite if it is no longer required. So, how do you get rid of a SharePoint site? This guide will assist you in eliminating the website! It goes without saying that you can restore it from the Recycle bin for a limited time.
Before getting into the process, it’s necessary to define what a SharePoint site is. There are many misunderstandings about the terms Site Collection and Sites. A Site Collection is often referred to as a “Site” in the SharePoint Admin gui.
“You split the content into places in your web list to have finer control over the presence and permissions to the content. Different features can also be made available on different pages in your web list. You can use a web template as is, or you can change the default settings in site administration and save the site as a new template.”
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Cannot delete sharepoint site

You can uninstall a site if you no longer require it and have the correct permissions. You don’t have permission to execute the procedure if an alternative isn’t open. When you delete a site, you also delete any associated subsites, content, and material, such as Site Settings, documents, libraries, and lists. You can even uninstall a subsite if you just want to delete it. If you remove a site by mistake, the site collection administrator will retrieve it from the recycle bin.
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How to delete a sharepoint group

I went to the Address, but it didn’t specify how to completely remove it; it’s still there in the current SharePoint online admin experience, and attempting to build a new team site with the same name (e.g. Human Resources, with a site URL of just hr) would result in tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/hr2 with the number at the end. I’d like to re-create a few sites that we built as tests and then removed. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/bc37b743-0cef-475e-9a8c-delete-a-sharepoint-site-or-subsite-bc37b743-0cef-475e-9a8c-delete-a-sharepoint-site-or-subsite-bc37b743-0cef-475e-9a8c-delete-a I’m sure I need to install a PowerShell module with some commands to run, but I’m having a hard time locating it. I’ve already linked to AzureAD and fully removed the deleted groups, but I can’t seem to find a way to permanently uninstall the pages so that I can recreate them with the same URLs.
Sorry, all is now set and running – I had to install SharePoint PowerShell and then run Get-SPODeletedSite to display all the deleted pages, and then I did this with -identity percent URL percent.
remove-spodeletedsite?view=shar… https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/sharepoint-online/remove-spodeletedsite

How to delete a sharepoint team site

Go to Settings>Domain details in Office 365 to uninstall a SharePoint site. This will open a window with the option to delete the site. You must confirm that you want to uninstall the Office 365 community and the related site before you can delete a team site. Then you confirm by pressing Delete. However, just because you have the potential to do anything does not mean you should.
If a SharePoint site has truly devolved into a digital forest, the only viable alternative might be to uninstall it and start over. On the other side, you should usually stop jumping into this strategy. Essentially, deleted means deleted, which means that unless someone has saved a backup copy of the content, if it is later discovered that it should have been saved, someone would be left with the task of recreating it – if they can.
Using the hide feature is an option that is a little more time consuming than simply hitting delete, but much less time consuming than trying to (try to) recreate missing information. This does exactly what its name implies: instead of removing the object, it hides it from view. You should then wait a while to see if someone objects to its absence. If the response is no, it’s probably safe to remove it from the site, but even then, proceed with caution.