How to become a college dean

How to become a college dean

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Deans are an important part of a college or university’s overall leadership, vision, and preparation. A dean must maintain a thorough understanding of the many functions of an educational institution, and direct their team to make strategic strategies successful, from engaging faculty, students, and staff members to assisting in financial planning, growth, and admissions.
Today’s educators and administrators, particularly in the ever-changing field of education, are expected to learn and integrate important and timely practices and innovations, as well as research and trends, into their school systems.
Those considering a career in higher education administration and a deanship can choose from a variety of options. We describe the position of a dean and include some considerations to help you along the path to being one.
Deans assist virtually every aspect of an educational institution in planning and achieving its objectives, such as fulfilling curriculum standards, maintaining high levels of student retention, and assisting with financial stability and overall growth strategies. Deans usually have a lot of power over their college or department. This necessitates a diverse range of abilities that must be continuously learned and improved in order to excel in today’s educational environment.

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Let’s face it: becoming the dean of a business school is a difficult task. For over 25 years, the two of us have had the honor of leading business schools of all kinds, from public to private, large to small, highly research-oriented to mainly teaching-oriented. The question of whether we would do it all over again if we had the insight and hindsight we now have came up in a recent discussion. After all, as professors, we had much more control over our lives and schedules, allowing us to concentrate more on our own professional success. As deans, our roles changed drastically, and we no longer had nearly as much influence over our schedules as we had before.
A dean’s role is to lead the business school, which means you’re in charge of its policy, vision, and financial management. Your job is no longer the main priority of your life. Instead, you can concentrate on ensuring that your students, faculty, and staff are all good in their endeavors. Having said that, both of us have stated unequivocally that we will do it all over again. What is the reason for this? The response can be found in the quote at the beginning of this article. As dean, you have the unique and fortunate opportunity to have a real impact, shape the higher education community, and encourage others to achieve their full potential. There is no greater honor than assisting others in achieving their goals.

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An academic dean career can be a rewarding ambition for professionals who want to make a difference in higher education — to genuinely set the academic agenda for their respective colleges and universities. An academic dean is a senior administrative position that oversees a school or college and requires expertise in communication, negotiation, planning, budgeting, and other areas.
Because of the fierce competition for academic dean positions and the challenging work that these executives must complete, applicants should pursue advanced degrees. A doctorate in education is one such credential, particularly if it is a course of study designed specifically for higher education administration.
Moving from another academic position to becoming a dean can result in a pay raise. Administrators of postsecondary education receive a median salary of $94,340, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Academic dean vacancies are expected to pay an average of $90,394 a year, according to PayScale. Salary ranges from six figures to seven figures, depending on the school and the tenure of the dean.