How high can a frog jump

How high can a frog jump

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5 basic frog exercise moves to get kids outside and involved! This is part of a weekly series of educational Free Unit Studies, and this week’s theme is Frogs. Frogs are one of my pet peeves, so I’m excited to develop frog-themed exercise moves for kids. Each movement is based on scientific frog activities, so the movements can also be used as instructional material about the amphibian. These frog workout moves are not only entertaining, but they also require no special equipment or gym membership. Comfortable clothes and athletic shoes would suffice. These movements will be ideal for a frog-themed birthday party or school activity. Is there a park nearby? As a family, show some frog love and get in shape together!
Isn’t it true that frogs can leap very far? Bullfrogs, for example, can leap up to ten times their body length, and some champion bullfrogs can jump much higher. Since Mark Twain wrote his eponymous short story, the all-time record holder at the Calaveras County Jumping Frog Jubilee is a bullfrog called Rosie the Ribeter, who jumped an incredible 7.15 feet (2.18 m) in 1986. That’s the equivalent of my 10-year-old, who stands 150cm/5 feet tall, leaping more than 15 meters or 50 feet in a single leap. What do you think?

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This is a great question, but it’s a little difficult to answer because there are so many different frog species and body configurations that fit into different ecological niches. Frogs have a range of leap types and prefer to jump from particular places, giving them more bang for their buck. To shorten a long story, not all frogs and toads leap in the same way. Consider UFC fighters: there are a variety of styles, sizes, and skills to choose from, and the same is true in the frog nation.
The world’s highest jump by any frog with a confirmed species was a 21-foot-five-inch leap. The American Bull Frog, a species of frog, made this spectacular leap. Laugh out loud! I understand what you’re thinking: a 21-foot jump is crazy! How does a frog leap that far? The frogs didn’t really hop that far, to be honest. The frog jumped a whopping 21 feet by leaping forward and combining three consecutive leaps. That means the frog was jumping 7 feet per jump on average. These huge leaps are unusual and typically occur when the animal’s owner is behind it, blowing or tapping, causing the frog to leap higher than normal. They don’t get really far off the ground when they jump; at most, they get about 1.5 feet off the ground.

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The two frogs can begin at any index in the input array. By making them leap further apart, the function should return the maximum distance these frogs can generate between them (difference between the index values of both).
In effect, it appears that the goal here is to find the longest contiguous subsequence that is nonincreasing at first, then nondecreasing at the end (with the point of change in behaviour being the start index). This appears to be a variation of the highest-sum-subarray problem.
This is a question that can be answered in O(n) seconds. All you have to do is alter your viewpoint on the subject. It’s essentially asking you to calculate the greatest distance between two adjacent peaks in a histogram.
Simply consider the previous peak as you walk through the array. Then you’ll want to mark whether you’re going up or down a slope in your current position. If you’re going down, keep going until you hit a trough, then turn around and climb to the top. Then calculate the distance between this peak and the one before it. Finally, bear in mind that the new peak is the same as the previous peak and keep going.

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I have a strange question for you. I’m hoping for a response… I understand that frogs normally leap horizontally rather than vertically, but does anyone know how high a frog can jump vertically? I don’t have any particular species in mind. I’m looking for details for a project, and I can’t seem to find anything about how high a frog can climb (plenty of info on how far a frog can jump, though.) Any details will be extremely helpful! 3 responses 100 percentsavehidereportsavehidereportsavehidereportsa Voted up This discussion has been closed. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.