Homeopathic remedies for high cholesterol

Homeopathic remedies for high cholesterol

Best homeopathic medicine for high cholesterol

Lipids are fatty compounds that are present in the bloodstream. While a certain amount of fat is necessary for the body’s normal functioning, too much fat can be harmful. The exact amount of fat required per day is unknown. Fats account for half of total energy consumption during childhood. During pregnancy and lactation, a higher fat intake is recommended. High fat levels play a major role in the development of heart disease and blood vessel disorders that lead to stroke. This condition can be remedied if identified early enough. As a result, a lipid profile test is needed.
Before getting a lipid profile done, one must fast. Only water is permitted for 12 to 14 hours prior to the test. Every five years, healthy people with no other risk factors for heart disease should have their cholesterol and HDL levels checked. A complete lipid profile is not needed. If you have other risk factors or a history of high cholesterol, you should be screened more often and have a complete lipid profile.

Best homeopathic treatment of high cholesterol

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Since high blood cholesterol is a constitutional condition, care should be constitutional as well. If homeopathic care is initiated sooner, normal levels can be achieved and sustained.
Cholesterol plays an important role in the development of cardiac disorders, which are becoming more common. Cholesterol is a waxy fat-like substance needed for normal body function. Cholesterol is found in cell walls or membranes in the human body, including the brain, nerves, muscles, skin, liver, intestine, and heart.
Cholesterol is used by the body to make several hormones, vitamin D, and bile acids, which aid in fat digestion. Cholesterol deposits are components of plaques that cause coronary artery narrowing and blockage, resulting in ischemic heart disease. Since cholesterol is insoluble in blood, it is carried in the blood by molecules known as lipoproteins.

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Since most people do not experience symptoms when their blood pressure is elevated, hypertension is known as the “silent killer.” What you don’t know will harm you in this situation. High blood pressure raises the risk of heart attack, stroke, and a variety of other severe illnesses. Hypertension, along with high cholesterol and smoking, is one of the leading causes of atherosclerosis. As a result, atherosclerosis triggers heart attacks, strokes, and other circulatory disorders.
High blood pressure that is exacerbated by exertion or lying on the left side, as well as a proclivity for gripping stomach pains that improve when the person lies on the stomach, are all symptoms of this remedy.
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By affecting lipid metabolism and positively influencing liver functions in the body, homeopathy has a concomitant effect on cholesterol regulation. High cholesterol is recognized as a consequence of degenerative processes, intestinal disease, and insufficient renal excretion of unhealthy metabolic waste products. The following are the effects of different drugs on lowering cholesterol levels:
Homeopathy medicines treat the disorder and symptoms of elevated cholesterol levels without causing any side effects by addressing the anomaly in cholesterol-lipid metabolism. It supports the body’s ability to cope with toxic free radicals and helps preserve healthy cholesterol in veins and arteries. It is not contraindicated in any way and can be taken safely. Pregnant and lactating mothers should take homeopathy cholesterol medication in moderation and under the supervision of a doctor.
Toxin excretion and liver function regulation are required for proper cholesterol-lipid metabolism and LDL-HDL levels in the body. As a blood purifier and healer, biochemic Calcarea Sulphurica is well indicated for high cholesterol in this regard. It is contained in the liver and aids in the removal of waste products from the bloodstream, as well as having a cleansing and purifying effect in the body. Calc.Sulph. removes non-functional organic matter from the tissues and allows infiltrated components to readily discharge their contents, like rotting organic matter.