Home for little wanderers plymouth

Home for little wanderers plymouth

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Doing double shifts without a single break, being out of ratio in cabin, working long past my scheduled departure time, being coerced into taking up extra shifts because I “didn’t have a good enough excuse not to,” and putting gas in campus vehicles with my own money because no one knew where the gas cards were were all common occurrences. The atmosphere between residential counselors (and residential supervisors) was highly hostile as a result of the lack of help from administration, and everyone was ready to throw anyone/everyone under the bus for the smallest of infractions. We could expect up to 5 or 6 last-minute call outs on weekends, and so many of the workers were already doing doubles or triples that we couldn’t physically stay any longer, even though we wanted to.

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Southeast Academy is a Massachusetts-approved Chapter 766 private school that provides year-round educational care services for children and adolescents ages 5 to 18. It consists of primary, middle, and high school classrooms that resolve educational, psychological, and behavioral issues with the aim of improving academic performance, enhancing social and life skills, and returning students to a less intense educational environment as soon as possible. This is done by providing comprehensive educational instruction, as well as social and recreational opportunities, that meet or exceed state and federal requirements and are customized to each student’s unique learning ability and style.
Southeast Academy offers a year-round engaging and intensive curriculum focusing on schooling, job growth, recreation/fitness, and an individualized therapeutic approach to help students become more engaged learners and make significant academic gains. By minimizing academic and behavioral regression, fostering positive social skills, and providing exercise and fun, these areas of emphasis are critical in helping students develop self-esteem and become active members of their communities.

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Southeast Campus is a holistic residential care facility for children where they can improve their psychological, behavioral, and academic skills. The curriculum promotes good social skills, academic and behavioral regression reduction, and physical activity.
Southeast Campus’ residential facilities have one key goal: to have a structured and inclusive living atmosphere that maximizes time spent in the community while easing the transition to less restrictive environments. Among the services provided are:
Active family participation is encouraged. Clinicians play a key role in meeting each student’s needs through delivering strength-based individualized treatment and collaborating closely with their families to achieve individual, educational, and familial objectives.

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The Home for Little Wanderers (The Home), based in Boston, Massachusetts, is a family and child care services provider that has been offering a variety of unique services to Massachusetts residents and communities for over 200 years. The current organization, The Home, was formed when four separate agencies, Boston Children’s Services, The New England Home for Little Wanderers, Parents and Children’s Services, and Charles River Health Management, combined over the last ten years. The group is dedicated to assisting disadvantaged families as well as keeping children safe in their own neighborhoods when they lack sufficient family support. The Home has a positive effect on the lives of over 12,000 people per year by providing adoption, special education, mental health treatment, therapeutic residential care, and other programs. The group helps children and young people from birth to age 22. On the organization’s official website, there are many job openings in therapeutic training, therapy, and other fields.