Guns don t kill people the government does

King of the hill “guns don’t kill people” ~ dale gribble quote

You won’t find any corny proclamations here that the year 2020 will usher in a new age of clarity. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please That’s exhausting. However, as we enter a new decade, it’s important to remember to keep our focus on the issues that matter to us. That’s how it’s done. Looking back at some of the most famous blog posts on the Broadside in 2019 gives us a sense of what matters.
Helene Atwan contributed to this article. | The reports of shootings in El Paso and Dayton this weekend sickened me, as it did most of us in the United States. Coming into work, I was encouraged by the fact that I could turn to a community of coworkers and instantly begin discussing what kind of services we could have in the aftermath of these senseless tragedies. I’m encouraged to be employed in an area where it’s our responsibility to try to build these opportunities, as I always am.
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Michael moore: “guns don’t kill people, americans kill

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When you say “guns don’t kill people”

This paper uses an online concealed carry platform to critically evaluate how firearm proliferation is rationalized in the United States, building on literatures that explore why weapons are appealing and to whom, as well as Weber’s definition of “legitimate crime.” The investigation focuses on three separate instances of violence: the Parkland, Florida, and Philando Castile shootings, as well as accounts of children discovering weapons and shooting themselves or others. This thesis deconstructs the discourses rooted in the “pro-gun” notion that the solution to gun violence is more weapons in a critical analysis of the social construction of “legitimate violence.”
People who have no business becoming a Law Enforcement Officer end up with a position they are not qualified to do as a result of affirmative action, a reduction in standards, and a deterioration in adequate training procedures to accommodate said reduction in standards.
By blaming affirmative action for Castile’s death, this poster attempts to transform what began as a question about racial discrimination into a diatribe against affirmative action based on racist rhetoric that assumes a black officer is unqualified for the job. The poster’s main concern is not with justice, but with proper procedure. In a separate thread on the same topic, the discussion almost entirely centered on how Castile erred by failing to react appropriately to the police officer. As one poster put it:

Guns don’t kill people the government does

The Americans have a plethora of data about why people should have weapons and why they shouldn’t, and it seems that you can pick and choose which ones you need to support your case. The fundamentals are overlooked, as they are in most big issues.
If humans become enraged, some will fight, and if a weapon is present, it is likely to be used in such a battle. With less guns on hand, there’s a lower risk of them being used. To get fewer weapons, you’ll need to screen those who are likely to fight and have the required licensing.
To put this in perspective, according to the ABC in Australia, there have been 10,000 firearm-related deaths in the United States so far this year. So Donald Trump joins the discussion, stating that the issue is a shortage of weapons. He and the gun lobby claim that if more people were allowed to carry concealed weapons, they would be able to deter any of these terrorists from doing more harm. Gunmen, for example, know that teachers in schools should not have weapons, allowing them to carry out mass executions without being challenged. Strong point, but the possibility that someone you pass on the street may be carrying a concealed weapon is frightening. Blast them with road rage; domestic violence, bring out the guns on both sides.