Grade 8 formula sheet

Grade 8 math module 1 lesson 9

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Radius (r) is the distance between a circle’s edge and its base. Diameter: the distance between one edge of a circle and the other, measured by cutting through the middle and dividing by two to obtain a radius; Height (h) is the height of a cylinder or cone when viewed at a right angle.

Grade 8 – natural sciences – chemical reactions

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Grade 8 – mathematics – algebraic expression 1

(1) Students represent, evaluate, and solve a number of problems using linear equations and systems of linear equations. Students consider proportional equations (y/x = m or y = mx) as special linear equations (y = mx + b), knowing that the slope (m) is the constant of proportionality, and the diagrams are lines from the origin. They recognize that a line’s slope (m) is a constant rate of change, meaning that if the input or x-coordinate changes by A, the output or y-coordinate changes by mA. In bivariate data, students also use a linear equation to describe the relationship between two variables (such as arm span vs. height for students in a classroom). Fitting the model and determining its fit to the data are done informally at this grade. Students must articulate a relationship between the two quantities in question and interpret components of the relationship (such as slope and y-intercept) in terms of the situation in order to interpret the model in the context of the results.