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Transcripts from Gordon State College are now available via Parchment, a service that allows you to easily order, mail, and monitor your transcript. Parchment’s official transcripts are official records that provide all relevant course details as recorded by Gordon State College. To place an order, please click on the icon below. We regret that transcript requests sent via fax, mail, or email are no longer accepted.
Select “Hold for Grades” or “Hold for Degree” whether you want your transcript to include end-of-term final grades or your degree. When the end-of-term process is completed at the end of the semester, the transcript will be processed.
If you want your transcript to include an attachment, you must submit it to the Parchment website along with your transcript submission. Uploading records is not possible at the Registrar’s Office.

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Students who are enrolled in both classes

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Return to our website by clicking this link to the Dual Enrollment page to learn how to apply.

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Students who are returning to school

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Please visit the Readmit page to learn more about reenrolling at Gordon State College if you have previously attended Gordon College.

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Please visit our website again.

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Instructions for submitting an application
When you’ve finished answering all of the questions on a computer, scroll down to the bottom and press Save and Continue. You will be asked to check your response or provide an answer if there are any errors or omissions. Your data will be saved after you have completed all of the questions, and the next screen will appear.
You can skip to another screen without saving your data if you like. Data on your current screen will not be saved if you skip to another screen specified in the menu; you will have to reenter it.
To submit your application, press Go to Application Submission at the bottom of the screen after you’ve completed all of the screens in this application. Choose a payment method (if applicable), sign the document, and then press Submit Now.

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Gordon State College is pleased to announce that transcripts are now available via Parchment, which allows you to easily order, submit, and monitor your transcript. To order an official Gordon State College transcript, please click on the icon below.
Students who are currently enrolled may register for summer and fall classes using their assigned time tickets beginning April 5th at 7:30 a.m. Students can seek advice from their assigned counselor before registering for classes via Banner 9 Self-Service Registration. Students can find guidance on how to use Banner 9 Self-Service Registration in the Banner 9 Self-Service Registration Step by Step Guide.
Students who are not able to self-register can still use Banner 9 Self-Service Registration to see their current schedule. A Step by Step Guide to Showing Your Schedule in Banner 9 Self-Service Registration explains how to display schedules in Banner 9.
Gordon State College is pleased to announce that many of our high-demand courses now have a Waitlist option. In Banner 9 Self-Service Registration, students can add their names to an official waitlist for select courses that have already reached maximum seat capacity. Students who use the waitlist method will receive an email from Gordon State College when a seat in the desired course section becomes open. Seats are given out on a first-come, first-served basis, and enrolling on the waitlist does not guarantee a student a place in the class. For more information on waitlisting, students may consult the Waitlist Registration Guide.

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Training is a catalyst for change. We at Gordon take it very seriously. It is our privilege, not just our duty, to help our students achieve unique academic, co-curricular, and relational milestones. The Gordon experience gives students a framework for what they’ve learned, opportunities to incorporate what they’ve learned, and refines a larger purpose—a vocation or calling—in their lives. As a Christian institution, we remain committed to combining faith and learning, a tradition that was once adopted by many institutions, including our Boston neighbor, Harvard University, which was the country’s first institution of higher learning.
Gordon College offers a high-quality liberal arts program. Our financial aid program is all about making opportunities accessible—for career advancement, experiential learning, faith growth, and world exploration.
You are not required to submit a personal statement or an essay! We may find that we need to learn a little more about you after reviewing your application, so we may ask you for additional materials or examples of your academic work.